Chris Hemsworth and Angeline Jolie: The truth about the rumours

Chris Hemsworth’s wife Elsa Pataky is ‘spiralling into a rage’ after he hung out with Angelina Jolie at Comic Con, according to a sensational US report today. This follows allegations the couple have recently hit a ‘rough patch’.

Elsa wants her husband to have ‘zero contact’ with the actress, claims an outrageous report in US publication Star.

Chris Hemsworth, Angelina Jolie, Golden Globes 2018

‘Angie loved every second of being with Chris at Comic Con and desperately wants to work on a project as an onscreen couple with him,’ spills the publication’s reputed insider.

The source also claims that Angelina sees Chris as a ‘younger, sexier more exciting version of Brad Pitt.’

And now, according to the publication, Elsa is in ‘panic mode’ and is ‘petrified of history repeating itself.’


‘Chris has assured her there is nothing to worry about but Elsa is at her wits end’ says Star’s source.

Rumours have surrounded Angelina’s intentions since she and the Aussie actor were photographed together at the Gold Globes. TV host Ellen DeGeneres even confronted Chris about the picture.

Tercera en discordia: Angelina Jolie causó una escena de celos de la esposa de Chris Hemsworth | Cienradios

Said Ellen: ‘People were making a big to-do about you sitting next to Angelina Jolie. They were acting… just because your wife didn’t make it, I guess she wasn’t there. They sat you next to Angelina and acted like it was some kind of “thing”.’

Chris responded at the time: ‘See, you’ve done what the internet has done, which is you’ve cropped out my real “date”.’

The full photo of seating arrangements revealed Chris was also seated with Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi.

Angelina Jolie finds love in Tom Hiddleston; courtesy Chris Hemsworth? | English Movie News - Times of India

‘And, look, Angelina is incredible and wonderful. I’m a fan, my wife’s a fan, but she may be more threatened by that guy!’ joked Chris of Taika.

Wife Elsa Pataky earlier joked of the picture, ‘What a great couple!’, before clarifying, ‘I mean you boys!’

The couple have yet to respond to Star’s allegations, but sources say their marriage is rock solid.


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