Chris Hemsworth reprising role as Captain Kirk’s dad in next Star Trek film

Another sequel announced as Netflix reveals plans to stream forthcoming Star Trek series for international audiences

It’s a good week for Trekkers.

With Star Trek Beyond, the latest (and well-received) movie in the series opening in the US on Friday, Paramount Pictures has announced that a further film is on the way. To add to the excitement for Star Trek devotees, Netflix has signed on for international rights to stream the upcoming small-screen revamp of the TV franchise in 188 countries.

The as yet untitled sequel will see Chris Pine returning to play Captain Kirk, with Chris Hemsworth playing Kirk’s father. The Thor actor only appeared briefly in JJ Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek reboot in the role, but he will be given significantly more screen time in the next film, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Chris Hemsworth is returning to the Star Trek universe

Further plot details are under wraps, although the remaining cast – which includes Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, John Cho and Simon Pegg – is expected to return, minus the late Anton Yelchin, who starred in the last three films. No director has been named.

Before that film hits theaters, CBS will debut a new Star Trek series. The network confirmed last November that the show would debut in January 2017 on CBS, followed by a rollout in the US on CBS All Access, the network’s digital subscription video on demand and livestreaming service. It marks the first original series developed specifically for the online platform, which currently offers every episode of all previous Star Trek television series to stream.

Netflix revealed on Monday it will play host to the series for viewers outside the US and Canada. New episodes will premiere on the streaming platform less than 24 hours after they make their domestic debut on CBS All Access. Netflix has also secured the rights to stream all 727 episodes of Star Trek already made. Those shows will be made available on Netflix globally by the end of 2016. (The older series are already available on Netflix in the US.)

“The launch of the new Star Trek will truly be a global television event,” said Armando Nuñez, president and CEO of CBS Studios International, in a statement. “This international partnership will provide fans around the world … the opportunity to see every episode virtually at the same time as viewers in the US. Thanks to our world-class partners at Netflix, the new Star Trek will definitely be ‘hailing on all frequencies’ throughout the planet.”

According to CBS, the new Star Trek series “will introduce new characters seeking imaginative new worlds and new civilizations, while exploring the dramatic contemporary themes that have been a signature of the franchise since its inception in 1966”.

The original Star Trek series debuted in 1966 and aired for three seasons. Four more live-action series followed (a short-lived animated one ran from 1973-74), as well as a dozen feature films.


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