Chris Hemsworth has ‘no empathy’ for Liam’s love woes

Chris Hemsworth isn’t afraid to share how he feels about his little brother Liam Hemsworth’s dating history.

Chris Hemsworth has ‘no empathy’ for Liam’s love woes

“I’ve watched Liam do things at his age, like being in relationships he shouldn’t be in, or being reckless just to prove a point,” the 31-year-old father of three said in GQ’s January issue. “And I had no empathy.”

Chris neglects to specify which of Liam’s relationships he strongly disapproved of. However, all signs point to his nearly four-year relationship with controversial singer Miley Cyrus.

Hemsworth, 24, and Cyrus, 22, were engaged for the last year of their courtship and have said nothing but cordial things about each other in interviews since the breakup.

Chris says his mother helped him remember he was once a rebel, too, and that older brother Luke also gave him a hard time.

In fact, he credits Luke for pumping up his confidence and saving his career.

“Back when I was still on the soap [‘Home and Away’], I became incredibly insecure and full of anxiety because I didn’t know if I was any good,” he said. “I spent years being angsty, constantly telling people I wasn’t just part of a soap opera, that I was a real artist. And I remember Luke sort of snapping, telling me to shut up, that he was sick of hearing it.”


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