Henry Cavill beats MCU star Chris Hemsworth to become ‘Most Handsome Face of 2022’

Marvel fans had been celebrating Chris Evans winning the ‘PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive’ title only a while ago while the DC fandom was furious to see Henry Cavill didn’t win it instead. But it looks like the roles have been reversed now that the former Superman has secured the top-most rank on the ‘The Most Handsome Faces of 2022’ list.

Henry Cavill at the LA premiere of Avatar 2

Henry Cavill at the LA premiere of Avatar 2

TC Candler’s popular list ranking this year’s most handsome men was recently announced and Cavill’s name appeared on the gleaming number one spot. With such dashing looks though, it’s hardly astonishing to see the British actor win the title. But the Sand Castle star’s easy win might just not be something the Marvel fanbase could easily digest let alone celebrate. After all, Cavill beat MCU’s beloved Thor – Chris Hemsworth in the race.

Henry Cavill Becomes The Most Handsome Face of 2022

2022 has definitely been a vortex of celebration and chaos for Henry Cavill, with the actor first returning to the DCU as the fan-favorite Clark Kent only for him to leave the studio for good. But with him being at the very top of ‘The Most Handsome Faces of 2022’ list, at least he’ll end this year with a smile on his beautiful face.

While TC Candler’s annual list includes some of the most famous actors from all over the world, The Witcher star has been deemed as the most handsome out of all of them. Even Thor: Love and Thunder actor Chris Hemsworth.

Latest photos of Chris Hemsworth on Furiosa set goes viral

Chris Hemsworth

Coming second in line after Cavill, we have the Stray Kids’ rapper and dancer Hyunjin who is followed by Oscar-nominee Timothée Chalamet in the third position. And the fourth most handsome face of 2022 is that of Hemsworth. Being in the top 4 is undoubtedly a big feat in itself though not totally surprising for someone like the Extraction star who is blessed with such godly looks. Meanwhile, Cavill’s name has apparently popped up on the list for the 10th time! DC’s former Clark Kent is definitely doing something right.

Henry Cavill is Aging Like Fine Wine

DC Studios’ co-CEO kicked out Cavill as Superman with the intent of replacing a much younger actor in his wake. The joke’s on James Gunn though, because not only is the Man of Steel star garnering more and more fame by the day but his magnetic appeal seems to be just as ever-increasing. At the age of 39, Cavill seems to be flourishing just as much, if not drastically more, as any other ‘younger actor’ is these days.

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill won ‘The Most Handsome Face of 2022’ title

Be it his ravishing looks, his impeccable physique, or his charismatic aura, the Immortals actor is killing it in every individual aspect one could possibly deliver. A gentleman with looks to die for, he will always be the best Superman, regardless of whether or not fans ever get to see him wear the cape again.

source: fandomwire.com

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