The oυtdoor area layoυt of the 33 terrace makes it a peacefυl aпd relaxiпg place

While walking this concrete corridor, the lush vegetation and clay planters create a micro-climate that embraces the user into a cozy desert-like environment. Further down the corridor, the second space is discovered as a semi-indoor living room, featuring a modular metallic structure that stands out by its carbonized wooden roof.

Beneath this element, the project offers a timeless and spacious place for guests to enjoy with various uses including contemplative garden, workspace, and lounge area. One of the most striking features is the integration of in-house designed and manufactured objects, such as a casted-concrete counter and a suspended rusting-steel fireplace. These elements are supported and complemented by Mid-century furniture and art selected by in collaboration with the user.

Crossing the terrace, is located a single wall that functions as a visual feature, which is covered with a bluish-ochre gradient pigment to create a contrast with the “sepia-like ambience” that defines the project. On one side, the slim columns that support the structure generate natural frames and offer interesting views over the city’s skyline.

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