“100% not true”: Dwayne Johnson Retaliates Against Henry Cavill Firing The Rock’s Ex-Wife and Black Adam Producer Dany Garcia as Manager Rumors

DC Studios has received unrelenting criticism from fans over the past few weeks, and it appears that the flames are still burning.

After Henry Cavill announced his regrettable departure from the Superman franchise, fans first vented their wrath on the studio executives. Again. However, he will be permanently gone this time. Then came the shocking information about Dwayne Johnson’s character Black Adam’s gloomy destiny. People are unsure of what to trust, despite The Rock’s assurances to fans that the lack of a Black Adam 2 wouldn’t spell the end of his career in the DC Universe.

Henry Cavill

It’s important to note that all of the aforementioned developments began as, essentially, hearsay and conjecture. And now, a number of brand-new allegations have begun to circulate online, alleging that the Man of Steel actor sacked his manager long ago, before he left DC.

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"100% not true": Dwayne Johnson Retaliates Against Henry Cavill Firing The Rock's Ex-Wife and Black Adam Producer Dany Garcia as Manager Rumors

Henry Cavill Allegedly Fired Dany Garcia Months Before His DC Exit

A few months back, DC fans were elated with senseless joy when Henry Cavill put the cape back on and returned to DC Studios. But this cheer was evanescent as the British actor revealed the future plans DC had for Superman and how he wasn’t a part of said plans. So with James Gunn planning to introduce a much younger version of Clark Kent, Cavill was left with no choice but to bid farewell to the character and to the superhero franchise.

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Henry Cavill and Dany Garcia

However, according to new reports, the Dawn of Justice star had taken a serious course of action way before he learned about his future, or lack thereof, at DC. The Puck‘s Matt Belloni claimed that Cavill, 39, dismissed his manager, Dany Garcia, months before the DC chiefs dropped him as Superman. The rumors further stated that Cavill also went ahead to sever his ties with William Morris Entertainment, the agency that represented him. However, Dwayne Johnson firmly believes that this is nowhere near the truth.

Dwayne Johnson on the Rumors About Henry Cavill Firing His Ex-Wife

It is crucial to note that both Johnson and Cavill shared the same manager and agency, and Garcia also happens to be the Red Notice star’s ex-wife. The ex-couple have even partnered up on production with regard to various projects. In fact, Johnson and Garcia both acted as producers on Black Adam wherein the former was the lead star as well.

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The Rock and Dany Garcia

It was also thanks to The Rock and Garcia that the Justice League star was able to get a cameo as Superman in Black Adam which thus marked his return to DC. Former DC President Walter Hamada was completely against Cavill’s cameo in the film but the San Andreas star and his manager made it happen.

Following the rumors about Cavill firing Garcia long before his DCU exit, Johnson tweeted his take on the matter, claiming that it was “100% not true.”

100% not true

— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) December 19, 2022

Cavill himself is yet to make any comments on these rumors swirling around social media but given how Garcia was also The Rock’s manager, it’s highly likely that he is privy to such information. So if something of this sort would’ve happened, Johnson would’ve known.

Source: The Rock via Twitter

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