“I could talk about it for days”: Henry Cavill Already Had Plans What His Future as Superman Would Be in the New DCU, James Gunn Threw a Monkey Wrench By Kicking Him Out

One of the best depictions of Superman on the big screen is not some old-timer like Christopher Reeve, but the Superman born from Zack Snyder’s mind and brought to life by Henry Cavill.

The star, who had his career defined by playing the caped crusader in 2013’s Man Of Steel, gave the performance of a lifetime, which was so beautiful and exceptional that the audiences were convinced in one glance that the best Superman had finally been found.

Henry Cavill returns as DCEU's SupermanHenry Cavill as Superman

But as fate would have it, the DCEU that had started to erect around that film had an unstable foundation, which ultimately lead to the crumbling infrastructure that ultimately ended up taking shape.

With only one chance to save it from a fate beyond redemption, WB CEO David Zaslav decided to appoint James Gunn and Peter Safran to step in and take charge. And now, to fulfill their vision, they have decided that the only way to save the DCU is to rebuild it from the ground up, which meant that Cavill’s Superman had to go.

Henry Cavill Had Plans After His Return As Superman In The DCUHenry Cavill's return as Superman in DC's Black AdamHenry Cavill’s return as Superman in DC’s Black Adam

With the news that Henry Cavill would be returning to the DCU as the Man Of Steel in Black Adam, everyone was overjoyed to finally see their favorite Superman back on the big screen.

Both Cavill and Dwayne Johnson promised big things that would ensue with their plans for the future of the DCU. But then new CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran came down on their ideas like an iron fist.

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With the return of Cavill mostly dependent on the success of Johnson’s film, it became crucial that Black Adam performed as well as it was made out to be, and much to everyone’s dismay, it didn’t. After the relatively mild performance of the film that failed to provide the numbers to back up the tall claims made by The Rock, Gunn didn’t think twice before axing Cavill off the drawing board of the vision that he has for the new DCU.

During an interview after the press conference about his film Enola Holmes 2, the Mission: Impossible star was asked some questions related to his return to the DCU, and he was more than excited to answer.

During the Q&A, Cavill looked a little emotional, as he replied:

“To a degree, it’s of course an emotional moment. I am not talking tears or anything, but the character means a lot to me, and the character has been a formative part of my career. So getting to wear the suit again, that cameo especially, was a powerful moment, it meant that hope was not in vain.”

He also talked about the future, saying:

“I could talk about it for days, but let’s talk about the future, which is what matters, which is bringing hope, joy, and optimism to the character”

Sadly, that future will never come to fruition now.

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What Is James Gunn’s End Goal?James GunnJames Gunn

With the plans of James Gunn and Peter Safran slowly taking shape, it becomes a little clear what the new leaders of the DCU are trying to do, and it’s a little scary. Throughout the month, we have seen major individuals and franchises being outright scrapped from the face of DC Films, and that includes cornerstones like Cavill’s Superman and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman to name a few. So what we can say for sure is that this is the beginning of the demolition of the old empire of DC Films, on which the new DCU will be established. What we can’t say for sure is who will be sacrificed in the process of this rebuild.

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Black Adam, now streaming on HBO Max.

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