“Don’t give a sh*t about Superman dealing with f*king reporting”: James Gunn Disrespecting Henry Cavill Over and Over Again a “Slap in the face”, Says YouTube Legend Angry Joe

It’s been almost a month since the news about Henry Cavill bidding farewell to Superman’s cape for good left DC fans in a state of disarray and fury. And as if things weren’t chaotic enough, the DCU co-chief went ahead and sprinkled salt over the wound, claiming that the superhero franchise would be replacing Cavill’s Clark Kent with a much younger one instead.

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill

After all that was said and done though, people still don’t seem to be over DC’s questionable decision of letting Cavill go; fans continue to hold the smoking gun of being “disrespectful” and “unjust” toward the Man of Steel star over Gunn’s head. The Peacemaker director witnessed innumerable DCU fans from all over the world take a stand against him and back Cavill up with immense support, popular YouTuber Angry Joe being one of them. And in his twenty-something-minute-long rant about the whole Superman debacle, he most definitely did not hold back.

Angry Joe Berates James Gunn for Wanting to Cast A Younger Superman

Jose Antonio Vargas, more famously known as Angry Joe, is an avid media commentator and a renowned YouTuber. But besides that, he’s a hardcore Superman fan who is unswervingly enraged to see Henry Cavill‘s future turn to dust at DC Studios.

Just a while ago, the 38-year-old went on to address Cavill’s departure as the fan-favorite DC superhero and unabashedly criticized DC’s co-CEOs for making a huge “mistake” by letting the Dawn of Justice star go. Stating how “mad” he is at James Gunn, Joe Vargas pointed out how the DC execs have “alienated the entire f**king fanbase” in their attempt to restructure everything, especially the decision to replace Cavill’s Superman with a younger actor.

Henry Cavill's SupermanHenry Cavill’s Superman

“We’ve already done the godd*mn young Superman. We’ve already done the godd*mn Daily Planet. We’ve already done the godd*mn reporting! Nobody gives a sh*t about godd*mn reporters anymore. Nobody gives a sh*t about any of that anymore.” 

He further went on to say how he’s going to have a good laugh when Gunn’s upcoming DCU films end up getting bombed at the box office since he’s removed all the best players from the game already.

Angry Joe Laments the Loss of Henry Cavill’s Superman   

While James Gunn seems to have it all mapped out with regard to Superman’s fate in the DCU, his seemingly big plans failed to resonate with the rest of the DC fandom.

Like everyone else, the YouTuber too remarked how Cavill was the best possible actor to depict Superman, especially since his emotional attachment to the role and dedication to his work brought out the true essence of the character on the screen.

A still from Man of Steel (2013)

A still from Man of Steel (2013)

“You had a godd*mn golden goose egg ready to go! This man will f**king sacrifice his body and his f**king career for you, and you slapped him in the face. I’m sorry Henry, man. […] It sucks! Godd*mn man I’m so f**king mad right now. I love the Superman character.”

Angry Joe even noted how there is “so much more f**king potential in an older Superman” as compared to a younger one. If only Gunn would’ve heeded the pleas and warnings of millions of fans, none of this would ever have taken place. But hopefully whatever he’s cooking for the DCU ends up making up for all the chaos that was carried out last year.

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