Henry Cavill Landed in Trouble For Dating 19-Year-Old Tara King, Loved Her For Treating Him Like a Normal Human Being

Henry Cavill recently headlined the world of pop culture after his exit from his iconic comic-accurate portrayal of Superman. It can’t be denied that the world is still not over it. But besides his Superman career, Cavill’s romantic history has also been quite a topic of discussion in the recent past. Throughout his dating history, several names have been involved but one of them that stands out is the name of Tara King who was 19 when the Man of Steel actor dated her, he was 32.

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Henry Cavill and Tara King

Looking at the age difference, it can be anticipated that the internet was not too kind towards Henry Cavill and Tara King for their relationship. The bond was subjected to quite a controversy and also received criticism from some fans.


Henry Cavill’s controversial relationship with Tara King

The Enola Holmes alum has got a list of some interesting women who he has dated in the past. The British actor dated some prominent personalities like former MMA fighter Gina Carano and The Big Bang Theory fame Kaley Cuoco. But many eyeballs were raised when he got into a relationship with Tara King in 2015.

Henry Cavill Tara King

Henry Cavill faced wide criticism for dating Tara King

Soon after exiting from the rekindled romance with Gina Carano, Henry Cavill found his love in King who was at college at that time. He spoke highly about his then-girlfriend publicly about how she treated him amazingly and even accompanied her to the 2016 Vanity Fair Oscars party. Cavill said:

“People say, ‘Age is just a number.’ A lot of times it’s not just a number. It’s actually a real and true sign of someone’s maturity. But in this case, she’s fantastic.”

But the fans were shocked when this romance also suffered the same fate as the earlier ones despite King receiving such sweet words from her partner. A source told US Weekly that lack of time on Cavill’s side can be a potential reason for the broken relationship:

“She was in too deep and he didn’t want anything too serious. He has a lot going on right now.” 

Following it, the duo even continued to remain friends for some time. Tara King even attended The Witcher actor’s 33rd birthday party. But eventually, the British actor moved on and is presently dating Natalie Viscuso.


Henry Cavill’s relationship with Natalie Viscuso

Henry Cavill and Natalie Viscuso

Henry Cavill and Natalie Viscuso

Henry Cavill is presently linked with Natalie Viscuso after officially confessing about their relationship in 2021. For those who don’t know who Viscuso is, she was a former executive at Legendary Entertainment and is the present vice president at Vertigo Entertainment.

She made her first red carpet appearance along with her partner during the Enola Holmes 2 premiere. The duo has also often taken their social media platforms to present their love for each other. Recently after exiting from two big franchises, DC and The Witcher, the 39-year-old actor announced his own Warhammer 40K cinematic universe with Amazon. As he announced this on his Instagram, Natalie Viscuso is also mentioned to be associated with the project.

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