“Don’t care if there’s black Superman”: Fans Protest Against John Boyega Replacing Henry Cavill as Superman in New Concept Art

The property of Superman hasn’t shared much spotlight in the DC universe for a while, but finally, after the reformation of the universe, it seems Superman is finally taking the center stage in the upcoming DCU.

Although DCU will have its new version of Kal-El after the exit of Henry Cavill from the scenario, it seems another actor has risen to be the contender for the Superman project, outside the frontline DCU.

Concept poster of John Boyega as Val Zod by subi.ozil

Concept poster of John Boyega as Val Zod by subi.ozilThe concept poster of John Boyega presents a new contender for the Black Superman role

The movie about the character Val-Zod, the second Kryptonian who took the mantle of Superman in Earth 2 after Kal-El died while stopping an invasion from Apokolips, has been under development for a long time with Michael B Jordan’s name attached to the project.

But a new concept poster by subi.ozil on Instagram has brought a new contender for the mantle of the Kryptonian among fans in the upcoming Black Superman project. The concept poster imagines the Star Wars actor John Boyega as the Kryptonian, Val-Zod in his trademark silver and blue costume with the attire displaying the S symbol which was previously worn by his predecessor.

Although no release date or any update about the project has been released among the fans, it is reportedly moving forward amid the reconstruction of the studio under their new leaders, Peter Safran and James Gunn.

Michael B. Jordan as Val Zod

Michael B. Jordan as Val ZodFans share their distaste after the news of the Val-Zod project moving forward

Numerous projects are being canceled and scrapped under the new management of James Gunn and Peter Safran, who are adamant about pulling off the bandages from the dying DCEU and taking the characters in a new light. But there are several projects out of the mainline universe which are still moving forward, including Todd Philips’ Joker 2, and Matt Reeves’ The Batman 2. But the one which surprised most of the fans is the Val-Zod project, which was still being developed.

Although the Val-Zod project doesn’t comprise any relation with the frontline Superman, fans are still upset about the project moving forward despite the cancellation of Henry Cavill’s Superman. And even though some found the artwork of John Boyega as Val-Zod quite impressive, some fans can’t hold back their emotions after the exit of Henry Cavill’s as the beacon of hope and shared their disdain and apathy for this upcoming Val-Zod project.

Black Superman from DC Comics

Val Zod from DC Comics

James Gunn is actively working on the mainline DCU’s Superman project that will comprise the story of Kal-El. But as James Gunn previously admitted, the Elseworld stories will be a prominent aspect of the studio, it will be interesting to see where they take the Val-Zod storyline in the upcoming time, and whether it is played by John Boyega or Michael B. Jordan

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