Marvel Studios Introducing Their Very Own Black Superman Following Henry Cavill’s DC Exit?

It might be the time when James Gunn and Peter Safran may regret removing Henry Cavill from their DCU. Akin to a Superman-esque character, rumors of Marvel creating their own black Superman hero are abundant on the internet.

Calling upon the character of Blue Marvel, the MCU could potentially compete with DC’s Man of Steel which has become an icon over the years. Following Henry Cavill’s exit, this might be the perfect time for Marvel to bring out their own version of Superman.

Henry Cavill used to be Superman in the DCEU.Henry Cavill used to be Superman in the DCEU.Marvel To Bring Their Own Superman For a Battle?

Although different backstories, Blue Marvel and Superman share the same superhuman abilities. Almost nigh indestructible, Blue Marvel could very easily be Marvel’s answer to DC’s Clark Kent (previously portrayed by Henry Cavill). According to the comic books, Blue Marvel draws his powers from anti-matter energy but is vulnerable to the element Neutronium.

Marvel to introduce Blue Marvel in answer to DC's Superman?

Marvel to introduce Blue Marvel in answer to DC’s Superman?

With the MCU in the process to enter Phase 5 of its line-up, the character of Blue Marvel can be placed perfectly at the right time during notable events. Blue Marvel is also associated with Namor the submariner, who was recently introduced in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, enabling the audience to already have a connecting point to the hero.

As for the news, Marvel Studios producer, Nate Moore took to Deadline’s Crew Call Podcast to talk about the character of Blue Marvel. Calling him a “fantastic character”, Moore excitedly talked about Marvel’s version of Superman.

“And then there’s a fantastic character who’s relatively recent in Marvel, named the Blue Marvel, who is fascinating. So, he’s a character who is almost Superman in strength and powers, who in the ’60s, operated as a Blue Marvel masked character.”

Moore further stated that the character wore a mask in the 60s and was racially assaulted during the powder keg of the Civil Rights era.

“But, in a fight, his mask is ripped off and people realize he’s Black. And [John F.] Kennedy actually asks him to go back undercover because he’s scaring people, ’cause he’s gonna upset the powder keg of the Civil Rights era.”

He further continued about the character’s reintroduction into Marvel and how the superhero changed with time.

“And he’s since been reintroduced into… Marvel publishing as a really smart, almost Captain Nemo character. Like he takes great space voyages and he goes on these grand adventures. But he’s a great character. But there’s so many. I mean, there really are a lot. There’s a lot of exciting stuff that’s gonna come.”

It remains unconfirmed whether or not Marvel wants to go ahead with the project and yet, Nate Moore also revealed more stuff. Blue Marvel could very well be introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe… with the help of an underwater dweller.

Does Marvel Have Plans For Blue Marvel and Namor The Sub-Mariner?Marvel could bring in Blue Marvel alongside Namor.Marvel could bring in Blue Marvel alongside Namor.

Blue Marvel has a massive undersea headquarters in the Mariana Trench, known only to Namor the Sub-Mariner. After introducing the mutant character in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Marvel could potentially tie things up by introducing his ally. Thus introducing the Superman-esque character by the means of Namor.

With a credible actor taking up the role, Marvel is sure to give tough competition to the current (in scrambles) DCU. As of now, things remain unconfirmed, even though Nate Moore is much excited about introducing these new characters.


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