Statham Jason the role that made the ‘Fast & Furious’ actor almost lose his life

Jason Statham said he was in a car accident that lost his brakes and plunged into the Black Sea. He was lucky to escape death on the set of “The Expendables 3” thanks to his previous experience as a diver.

According to Looper, Jason Statham appeared in all three seasons of The Expendables series. The actor is about to appear in the 4th part of the series about the mercenary squad.

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Shooting action movies puts actors in danger. Jason Statham had a near-fatal accident while filming The Expendables 3. According to Insider, during an action scene, the three-ton truck that Statham was driving suddenly braked and plunged straight into the Black Sea. Due to his previous experience as a professional diver, thanks in part to luck, the actor quickly swam to the surface

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Actor and director Sylvester Stallone said it was a deadly situation. The staff in the film crew were all heartbroken when they witnessed that moment. “Luckily he opened the door and got out. If it were anyone else, we would all die because we were all wearing heavy boots and gun belts. We would have drowned,” Stallone said.

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According to Deadline, The Expendables 4 was invested nearly 200 million USD. The film’s production budget was twice as high as the franchise’s previous film. The film begins filming in Thessaloniki, Greece from November 2021. Filming was originally scheduled to last for two weeks but ended up taking longer due to multiple accidents in a row. According to the Greek City Times, three crew members had an accident on set in Greece. The victims included two crew members and a stuntman for actor Jason Statham. Among them, one person fell off the boat and was taken to the hospital in a critical condition.

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As for Jason Statham, he is one of the most famous action movie stars in the world. The 55-year-old actor’s films include Snatch, The Transporter, Killer Elite, and most recently the role of Shaw in the blockbuster Fast and Furious series. Before becoming a movie star, Jason Statham worked many jobs for a living, from being a street vendor to being a member of the British national diving team… The actor has been married to former lingerie angel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley since 2010 and has two children.

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