Action tip at Amazon: Jason Statham lets it rip – and not for adults

Don’t be afraid of hard hits! Jason Statham puts the bad guys in their place – no matter the cost – in this action-packed smash hit.

Action tip at Amazon: Jason Statham lets it rip - and not for adults

British actor Jason Statham has long established his reputation as an action icon . From smaller indie pearls like “Jack, Queen, King, GrAs” to the successful series “The Transporter” , Statham doesn’t hold back with cool sayings and blows to the neck. Angry tongues may claim that that kind of acting level is all Statham has to offer. However, he revived the genre with his attitude and coolness and inherited Arnold Schwarzenegger & Co. In Simon West’s “The Mechanic” , which you can currently rent on  and stream for free on JOYN+finds, he uses unusual methods on his revenge campaign, which made an age rating of 18 years necessary.

In his role as Arthur Bishop, Statham is in good company when it comes to effective body count. In our video we introduce you to the eight deadliest action characters.

What is The Mechanic about?

Arthur Bishop (Statham) is one of the professionals in his field. If you need a target to disappear quickly, Bishop knows the most effective methods. He owes his skills to his mentor and friend Harry (Donald Sutherland). However, when Bishop appears as a new target on Bishop’s list, he initially refuses to murder his longtime friend. Due to an alleged betrayal that Harry is said to have committed, Bishop goes through with the job. But were his doubts justified? The search for answers leads the cold-blooded killer on the trail of a possible conspiracy that wants to achieve their own goals with all their might.

The Mechanic was just the beginning

This job gets on my nerves in the long run. However, it was clear to the creative minds behind “The Mechanic” that the story had potential for further development. Thus, in 2016, the German director Dennis Gansel was commissioned to implement the sequel “The Mechanic: Resurrection” and this time he sent Bishop around the world to save his great love. With a worldwide gross of 125.7 million US dollars , the second part was able to trump the original. Part 1, on the other hand, only grossed $76.1 million . Jason Statham has undoubtedly had a brilliant time: he has been on screen in “Operation Fortune” since the beginning of January 2023 and will be in “The Meg 2: The Trench” in the summer.back on shark hunt.

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