Fast & Furious: Luke Hobbs played by Dwayne Johnson is being replaced by Jason Momoa in Vin Diesel’s Aquaman.

As the final chapter of Fast & Furious approaches, Vin Diesel intends to switch Dwayne Johnson out for Jason Momoa.

As we speak, the Fast & Furious franchise, which has featured Vin Diesel as its star for the past 20 years, is quickly approaching its conclusion. The tenth installment of the franchise will shortly be released, and it will feature both returning actors and some newcomers. While all of this is thrilling and intriguing, one aspect of the IP that keeps coming up is the conflict between the two starring characters, Vin and Dwayne Johnson, dubbed The Rock, a former member of the gang. But it appears that Jason Momoa has been selected as a substitute by the producers.

Vin Diesel Replacing Dwayne Johnson With Jason Momoa In Fast & Furious?

Jason Momoa Was Confirmed To Be An Undisclosed Part Of The Fast & Furious Franchise Last Year ( Photo Credit – Facebook; Wikimedia; IMDb )

If you aren’t aware by the tiniest chance, Dwayne was earlier a very integral part of the Fast & Furious franchise. The actor played Luke Hobbs and impressed everyone across the globe. But looked like the air wasn’t happy on the sets as The Rock had a fallout with Vin Diesel and decided to quit the franchise. If that wasn’t enough, he even denied the offer when Vin offered the olive branch.

Now as the franchise moves towards the end with last two installments in the making, the script at this point will need Like Hobbs to be present. And as Dwayne Johnson has denied to comeback already, it is unlikely that he will accept it even if the makers try to convince him more. So as per the new reports, Fast & Furious team including Vin Diesel have found a replacement in Jason Momoa. Read on to know more.

As per a Fandom Wire report, Fast & Furious makers are now planning to replace Dwayne Johnson’s Luke Hobbs with Jason Momoa now playing it. The Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom star has been confirmed to be a part long back. In early 2022, the official Fast & Furious Instagram page shared Momoa’s picture and wrote, ” wird noch größer. Willkommen”, which in the German language means, “Will be even bigger. Welcome”.

There were no details as to what Jason Momoa will be playing in Fast & Furious climax instalment. But now as the report suggests, he is Luke Hobbs, replacement for Dwayne Johnson. Now whether he will turn a villain or the friend to the team that we root for is not clear yet. Stay tuned to Koimoi for more updates on the same and everything else from the entertainment world.



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