Jason Statham’s wife with a wild body in black panties, the blonde bombshell revealed herself to the cameras

Jason Statham and  Rosie Huntington-Whiteley , the star of the Expendables and the Delivery films, are  an incredibly cool couple in the dream factory, and their love has been going on for almost a decade and a half. In Hungary, Rosie is not primarily known for her modeling career, but for her performance in Transformers 3. There is quite a big age difference between the two stars, his wife is 20 years younger than Jason.

Rosie was born at the end of the eighties, in 1987, in England, in Plymouth, as the child of a fitness instructor and a land surveyor. There have been many articles about the family in recent decades, as they are quite famous in their home country. Rosie’s great-grandfather was a real celebrity in local politics, a 19th-century nobleman named Sir Herbert Huntington-Whiteley, whose exploits generated numerous newspaper articles.

Anyway, the couple got together not long after the release of the third phase of the famous Transformers movies, and they got married a few years later. Of course, Rosie continues to model, but she hasn’t forgotten her acting career either, you can see her in quite a few movies if you search for such movies. In Hungary, it is almost certain that Transformers is what burned into people’s retinas.

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