Vin Diesel, Who Had Real-Life Beef With Dwayne Johnson, Made John Cena “Better”: “He Did That for Me”

From all, we know about him and his personality, John Cena is a man who loves to be around like-minded people. Usually, that means wrestling fans like himself in the WWE, but going to Hollywood was different for him. But Cena discovered his nice in comedies and action movies. He found his place in Hollywood in just a couple of years.

Ever since his Hollywood debut, the biggest movie he has been a part of is Fast 9. The 9th part of a running action blockbuster series known as ‘Fast and the Furious’. We have seen Dwayne Johnson play a part in previous installments as well, but he had to leave pertaining to differences in the group. But for Cena, there were none.

John Cena once revealed how Vin Diesel helped him improve his character in Fast 9

When asked about the bloopers of him and Vin, Cena gave a surprising answer. He replied, “Believe it or not, just the introduction of another Toretto family member. Everyone took that really seriously. And those dramatic moments that are there, they were really tense, and that speaks to Vin’s level as a performer.

He doesn’t take a takeoff. He knows Dom and the Fast mythology so well, I think he took it himself to lead by example and make me better. I really do think he did that for me, and I really appreciate it. We do have so much fun behind the camera when everybody stops. Like it is a family. But he never once broke, and it made me better.

Coming in as the brother of Vin Diesel’s character, Cena had many expectations to fill. But as the fans and the cast agree, he had no problems fitting in with this found family. Even Diesel himself opened up about having a feeling about Cena’s arrival in the cast.

But surprisingly, Diesel did not hit it off with another WWE superstar, Dwayne Johnson. While he only worked in a few movies, they regularly paired Johnson up with Diesel’s character. There were a few rumors about their feud on the set, and after that, Johnson only worked on the Hobbs and Shaw movie and moved on from the franchise.

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