Why isn’t Jason Statham making “Transporter” movies anymore?

The action star explains why he broke up with “Transporter” after three appearances as Frank Martin.

Jason Statham hasn’t taken on transportation services in his own unique way for a long time. He became world famous with the action role of the transporter invented by Luc Besson in 2002 and returned twice more as the taciturn but battle-hardened ex-soldier Frank Martin.

"Expendables 4" also with Jason Statham

The first disappointment came in 2015, because Statham was no longer part of “The Transporter: Refueled” and was replaced by Ed Skrein in the reboot.

A matter of money

Expendables 4's Jason Statham Shared Badass Set Photos Opposite Iko Uwais |  Cinemablend

In any case, we would like to see Staham as an unusual courier driver again immediately and ask ourselves why he hasn’t accepted a suitable role offer long ago. Now the action star gave information about this in a “Vulture” conversation and said:

“I thought it was a great experience doing those three films and I would have loved to do more. But then they wanted me to sign a deal for a new trilogy without even showing me the scripts – and they couldn’t do it. “I’m not signing blindly without knowing anything about the projects. What’s more, they offered me a real pittance: I would have paid less for all three films combined than for one.”

“Expendables” role and other projects

The Expendables 4: Jason Statham And Iko Uwais Behind The Scene Photos  Revealed

So everything failed mainly because of the money. Of course, Statham has every right to choose his future projects. It looks like he will focus more on the continuation of the “Expendables” series, where he is likely to move up to the position of team leader after Silvester Stallone’s departure in the fourth part.

Further cinema appearances are also guaranteed: under Guy Ritchie’s direction, he will provide heavy action interludes in the spy thriller “Operation Fortune” and will also return in a sequel to the shark thriller “The Meg”. Since the fees should have voted clearly.

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