Where and when was the Carrier movie with Jason Statham filmed?

The Transporter, originally called The Transporter, is a 2002 action movie directed by Corey Yuen. The movie is about what happens to a carrier. The film stars Jason Statham, who was discovered by Guy Ritchie, and the famous Asian actress Shu Qi. The film was shot in France and attracted attention. The French, American and Chinese teams worked together on the film The Carrier. But the director of the movie, Corey Yuen, although he is also the fight choreographer of the movie, does not speak much English.


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Frank Martin (Jason Statham), a former soldier, is a successful fighter and warrior. But he no longer has a job there, he works in a quieter job, and he tells some lies about his life to his friend, the French commissioner. He is a carrier. He sometimes carries normal people or packages, even criminals. As a surrogate for a reasonable fee, Frank is very serious and cool in his job. He carries what is given to him, without asking a single question, but the information given to him must be completely correct. Carrier Frank Martin himself, driving a black BMW E38 735iL, has exactly three rules and he doesn’t break them.

1) “Breaking the Deal”

2) “No name”

3) “Unpacking”

Everything should be exactly in the information given to him. He never looks at a package he is carrying and never asks to whom he is carrying it, even if he wants to be told. He always carries on with these rules. One day, while he was a carrier, the same men hired him to carry a package. It continues on its way by putting the package in the trunk. Frank Martin, who only takes one break during each transport, encounters something very interesting while opening the trunk during this break: the package is moving. Although he thinks he is a living thing, he keeps his cool, but in the end, he still can’t stand it, he opens the package. Inside the package is an Asian girl named Lai. The carrier gradually breaks all three rules and is now in trouble. Because in addition to those who want to kill him, now he has to stop a ship that is kidnapping Asians.


THE CARRIER THE TRANSPORTER FILM SUBJECT AND ACTORS! Where and when was the  Carrier movie with

Jason StathamFrank Martin

Shu Qi-Lai

Matt Schulze – Darren ‘Wall Street’ Bettencourt

François Berléand – Tarconi

Ric Young – Mr. Kwai

Doug Rand – Leader

Didier Saint Melin – Boss


carrier film2

The Carrier movie was shot in France in 2002 and was released in October.

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