Jason Statham fan of MMA and the UFC? The actor makes revelations that will surprise more than one

Jason Statham is one of the big names in 21st century action cinema. But the one who does not hesitate to give slaps in his films is he also, in everyday life, a fan of MMA?

If you like movies with big arms, big guns, big cars, and an explosion-fueled storyline, you’re probably familiar with Jason Statham . We only count the classics of the genre in which we could find the Briton.

The fight is a central element of his films, and to the delight of his fans, the actor does not seem to want to change register. And that’s a good thing, because the Transporter is pretty good. Alongside his career, he seems to have the same passion for combat sports. So Jason, do we validate MMA or not ?

Jason Statham and MMA, a love story

To be as successful on the screen, it requires a lot of physical work but also a passion for the genre. Arrived in the big Hollywood bath late (30 years for his first big role), Jason Statham has been a fan of combat sports since a very young age. But is MMA an exception? Absolutely not. In an interview delivered for our colleagues at Men’s Health in May 2021, “Lee Christmas” says all the good things he thinks about mixed martial arts and the UFC :

I’m a huge MMA fan and always have been, since the early days of the UFC. It really helps to understand the ineffective aspects of most classical martial arts: You can see what works and what doesn’t (…) I love it.The man of the muscular sagas

He is known and loved for it. As soon as Jason Statham steps into a big-budget movie, you can be sure knuckle salads are going to be doled out within a minute. The exercise is so well mastered that fans take great pleasure in seeing it burst onto the screen. His roles in the Fast And Furious and The Expandables sagashave never disappointed. All we need to do is see him in a Creed movie to come full

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