“Bond is objectifying everybody and also being a bada-s”: Aubrey Plaza Reveals She Made Jason Statham Uncomfortable in Guy Ritchie’s Operation Fortune, Treated Him Like a James Bond Girl

In one of her recent interviews, the American actress and producer talked about her upcoming action comedy film directed by Guy Ritchie, Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre, wherein she works alongside The Transporter star Jason Statham. The Ingrid Goes West star revealed that she’d gotten so sick of her co-star pretending as if he was James Bond, that she made it a point to create quite an unpleasant situation for him.

Aubrey Plaza

Not only that, but she also pulled a bunch of sinister pranks on her other co-stars from The White Lotus as they were filming the second season of their HBO series, to an extent that one of the actors, Adam DiMarco, was literally “questioning reality.” 

Speaking to GQ about her recent projects, Aubrey Plaza talked about her upcoming Guy Ritchie film, Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre, and how she made her co-star uncomfortable by being the “female Bond.” 

Jason Statham, who plays the role of the MI6 agent Orson Fortune, comes off “like a Bond character,” as per Plaza. And that ticked her off a lot because she is the one who’s supposed to be the female equivalent of James Bond. And what does the 007 agent do? He is a “bad*ss” who also happens to be “objectifying” everyone. So, that’s exactly what Plaza did too.

Aubrey Plaza and Jason Statham in Operation Fortune

“Statham is playing like a Bond character, but my approach was like, ‘I’m the female Bond,’ And if I’m the female Bond, what does Bond do? Bond gets the girl. Bond is objectifying everybody and also being a badass. So I objectified Statham the whole time. Literally slapping his butt. I think they were all scared of me. Like, who is this girl who’s coming in so hot?’”

Better not try to be James Bond in front of Plaza because she will not hesitate to show you who’s the boss.

Aubrey Plaza Gets More Creative with Her Pranks

While filming Season 2 of Mike White’s comedy-drama on HBO, the cast and crew members of the show had been staying at the San Domenico Palace hotel in Taormina, Sicily, which is a convent-turned-five-star-hotel. And the Legion actress took this opportunity to pull some rather morbid pranks on her fellow cast members.

Aubrey Plaza loves to prank her co-stars

Plaza instrumented various tricks and stunts to spook her co-stars, one of which involved designing “a Blair Witch-style symbol” on Adam DiMarco’s dressing room floor with the help of reed diffusers from the hotel. This “Charlie Kaufman experiment,” as the Child’s Play star calls it, really did a number on DiMarco and ended up making him question what was real and what wasn’t.

From setting up witchy signs on the floors of people’s rooms to having mysterious messages and notes delivered to them from under their doors, Plaza had very successfully left her co-stars in bewildered states and oftentimes, speechless.

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