Fast X Image With Vin Diesel & Brie Larson Breaks A Franchise Tradition

Three new Fast X images have been released, featuring a relaxed moment between Vin Diesel and Brie Larson that breaks a long-held franchise tradition.

Vin Diesel and Fast and the Furious newcomer Brie Larson break a surprising long-held franchise tradition in a series of new Fast X promotional images. Fast X is the penultimate chapter of the main saga that began with 2001’s The Fast and the Furious and will mark the beginning of the end for the journey of Dom Toretto and his family. In Fast X, Dom and his loved ones find themselves the target of Jason Momoa’s Dante Reyes, the son of one of the crew’s older enemies who has returned to avenge his family.

A series of new images from the upcoming Fast X has been revealed by Total Film (via GamesRadar), giving a new glimpse at the upcoming penultimate chapter.

The three new images above depict Dom in the middle of a crowd of eager race spectators, Dante glaring in an unknown town, and Dom and Tess (Larson) taking a brief moment to share a drink. However, in the third photo, Dom and Tess can be witnessed breaking a franchise-long tradition by drinking a beer that isn’t Corona, breaking away from previous films by not featuring Dom’s crew’s drink of choice.

The Fast And The Furious’ Unlikely Corona Tradition Explained

Corona in The Fast And The Furious

Corona has a unique place in the lore of the Fast and the Furious franchise, with Dom and his family not only choosing the beer as their drink of choice on screen but having explicitly referenced it by name. As such, the Fast and the Furious franchise’s Corona reference is believed to extend beyond simple product placement, and instead, represent a form of familial connection between the main cast as an aspect that unites them. As such, the much-referenced beverage’s absence from Fast X may come as a surprise to viewers, due to its believed significance to the film’s core themes.

However, while Corona’s absence from Fast X may come as a surprise, it isn’t the first time the beer has been omitted from an entry in the franchise. 2 Fast 2 Furious and The Fate of the Furious omitted Corona from their film, with many viewers assuming that this was a deliberate choice as both these films featured either the absence of Diesel himself or a significant change in the crew’s dynamic. As such, with Corona being absent from Fast X, it may be audiences will witness another major and potentially tragic change for the family.

While Corona may seem like a small detail for those not knowledgeable in the history of the Fast and the Furious franchise, the beer has become a much-referenced and unlikely beloved moment for longtime fans. As such, the beer’s absence in the recent Fast X promotional image is curious and raises questions about what the new film has in store. And while the beer could yet appear in a currently unseen moment of Fast X, the beverage’s unique place in the franchise history may represent a sudden twist with major long-term implications.


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