A NEW START Meghan Markle and Ellie Goulding loved charity given ‘slap on the wrist’ for two errors

A HIGH-PROFILE charity championed by celebrities including Meghan Markle has been given ‘a slap on the wrist’ by the Charity Commission over two clerical errors.

One Young World – which was investigated after it was claimed the mother and daughter at its helm had been paid around £1.5 million in five years – has been cleared of any serious wrong-doing.

Ellie Goudling, seen here at The Fashion Awards 2023, has also backed the charity over the years
Ellie Goudling, seen here at The Fashion Awards 2023, has also backed the charity over the years

Instead, it has merely been given a ‘warning’ over two historic administrative errors, originally dating from 2015.

In a statement, the charity said it regards the Charity Commission findings “as an opportunity” as well as thanking the Commission for “its time and advice.”

One Young World describes itself as a ‘global forum’ for young leaders and has enjoyed a soaring public profile thanks to the Duchess, who became one of its ‘counsellors’ in 2014.

As well as the Duchess, celebrity supporters have included superstar Cher, pop’s Ellie Goulding, Sir Bob Geldof and former Irish President Mary Robinson.

A charity sector source said: “This is, of course, a slap on the wrists for the charity – but nothing more.

“The findings against the charity were merely the result of two old errors in legal and administrative process.

“That’s really not a lot to throw up after more than a year’s inquiry and thousands of pages of correspondence. So critics of the charity who thought there was a secret smoking gun out there have been proven very wrong indeed.

“In fact, if there had been anything seriously wrong – the regulator would have escalated the matter to a statutory enquiry. But there wasn’t; so it didn’t. In essence, it’s been a bit of a storm in a teacup and nothing more. Now all those associated with the charity just want to move on and focus on the future.”

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The Charity Commission launched the probe into the charity in 2022 amid concerns at the high pay and benefits packages handed to senior bosses at the charity.

In its finding, the charity was ticked off for failing to correctly seek the Commission’s authority for ‘unauthorised payments.’

It was also criticised for failing to keep ‘accurate records’ of the board of Trustees’ decisions or to take appropriate steps to avoid any possible conflict of interest.

However, it was made clear there was no wrong-doing when it came to the size of the salaries – or bonuses –  themselves.

In a statement, the charity said: “One Young World is naturally disappointed at The Charity Commission’s findings over two limited administrative errors. However, the charity also sees this as an opportunity.

The Commission’s decision was a consequence of two particular, historic mistakes in legal processes, originally dating from 2015, which were – unfortunately – the result of the Trustees’ placing reliance on their former professional advisers, which they did entirely in good faith.

Even so, the board of Trustees do, of course, regret these issues in process ever arose.

However, there is no suggestion whatsoever that any senior executives nor Trustees did anything wilfully wrong or untoward in either case – and the Commission recognised senior executives and Trustees acted in good faith.

Nevertheless, as a result of the findings and with the Charity Commission’s stimulus, One Young World’s senior executives and board of Trustees has evolved several of its administrative and governance processes to make sure these technical errors do not happen in the future. It has also, notably, appointed new legal advisers.”

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex became one of One Young World's 'counsellors' in 2014
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex became one of One Young World’s ‘counsellors’ in 2014
One Young World has been backed by multiple celebs over the years
One Young World has been backed by multiple celebs over the years

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