Actor Jason Statham’s thorn with the Olympics

If we start to think about  Jason Statham , the first thing that comes to mind are the  Transporter movies ,  Fast & Farious ,  The Expendables  and an endless number of action films in which he is the main protagonist and solves most of his problems. problems based on shots, kicks and punches.

But long before he became a Hollywood star,  Statham led an anonymous life in which he focused all his attention on  diving . Yes yes, as you read it, trampoline jumping. And also he was not bad at all, since in his best moment  he came to be twelfth in the world championship .

Here he is, with hair,  competing for England at the 1990 Commonwealth Games . He was on the British National Swimming Team for 12 years and  missed out on participating in the 1988 Seoul Olympics and  the iconic 1992 Barcelona Olympics .

Jason statham at the diving Olympics 1992" The guy actually had hair - 9GAG

We rescued the statements that the actor gave to  IGN  in 2003 in which he recalls his sports days: ” We used to compete on a 10-meter platform and a 3-meter springboard , which is not necessarily very high, but we used to do a certain amount of gymnastics tricks there”.

Regarding his participation in a possible Olympic Games, he has the thorn in it: “It is a painful point that he never managed to compete in the  Olympic Games. I started too late. It probably wasn’t my thing either. I should have tried a different sport,” added the actor.

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Despite his facility for this discipline, he admits that he always kept it as a hobby: “ Diving was obviously a  hobby  for me , and being an amateur sport you couldn’t earn money. So  she used to train while working selling perfumes, jewelry and other goods  that were supposedly expensive.” In addition to all these secret facets, the interpreter  was also a model for major fashion brands such as  Levi’s  or  Tommy Hilfiger  and enlisted in the  British army,  in the parachute regiment before focusing entirely on acting. Without a doubt, a versatile man!

In addition, his  high knowledge in martial arts such as kick boxing, taekwondo or jiu-jitsu  have come in handy to play all those roles and become the bad boy of  Hollywood , and possibly  one of the most iconic actors in action movies. in the 21st century .

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