Ballerina: A John Wick Story – First Trailer (2024) Keanu Reeves, Ana de Armas

John Wick’s death raised concerns about the Baba Yaga’s replacement, but Keanu Reeves’ role in the next John Wick movie removes these worries. Despite John Wick’s death in the action saga’s fourth installment, Keanu Reeves will reprise his role as the franchise’s central character in the upcoming spinoff, Ballerina. Given how vital Reeves is to the franchise, there was naturally apprehension about how John Wick could continue without its protagonist. John Wick 4 did give him the perfect sendoff, which offered Reeves the perfect way to exit the franchise, yet he will return in 2025’s spinoff starring Ana de Armas. The biggest worry about Reeves’ return was that John Wick may return from the dead, but the spinoff is set to take place between John Wick 3 and 4, putting an end to these concerns. However, while this may be the best way of giving Reeves one last outing as the Baba Yaga, there are still concerns over who will replace him. The John Wick universe looks set to continue without its protagonist as Ballerina will be the franchise’s next spinoff after The Continental miniseries, but Ballerina’s latest teaser suggests that John Wick’s potential replacement will be a worthy successor.