Bond 26 – Full Trailer | Henry Cavill, Margot Robbie

A fake Bond 26 trailer starring Henry Cavill gets millions of views online. Known for his role in Man of Steel, Cavill’s name has long been circulated among the list of actors who could be the next James Bond after Daniel Craig. Other potential Bond names floated have included Idris Elba, Taron Egerton, and Sam Heughan. Recently, it was reported that Aaron Taylor-Johnson would take on the role of Bond, but this rumor has not yet been confirmed. This Bond 26 dream cast trailer will likely stir further discourse regarding the widespread desire for Cavill to play the next 007. Just recently, Cavill commented on the prospects of him being cast in the Bond role. The actor said that “maybe [he’s] too old now” to play Bond. While Cavill did not definitively shut down any prospect of him playing the iconic character, he did not seem to know much about the likelihood of playing Bond.