Recently, the leader of the Dipset has invited criticism online over his subtle remark on Creed III’s actors. But why is that so? Cam’ron shared a picture of Jonathan Majors where he is giving Michael B. Jordan a back hug. Also, his caption reads, “The reason I didn’t go see Creed.” Naturally, a lot of people online were quick to voice their concerns about the post because it uses potentially homophobic language.

Cam’ron, aka Cameron Ezike Giles, has received criticism for his refusal to watch Creed III, and for ‘questioning’ the s*xual orientation of Majors and Jordan.

Over the weekend, the leader of the Diplomats (Dipset) took to Instagram after he saw a poster for Creed III that featured Majors draped over Jordan while both actors made gentle eye contact with the camera.

Despite the fact that many internet users found the post amusing, some fans criticized the Harlem rapper for appearing to be homophobic.

Cam’ron Slammed Michael B. Jordan And Jonathan Majors

The Creed III actors were in close proximity in two images that the 47-year-old rapper posted on Instagram on Saturday (April 8), taken from a photo shoot that went along with an article in The New York Times.

The leader of Dipset noticed the boxing movie poster over the weekend that showed Jonathan Majors draping his arms over Michael B. Jordan as both actors softly gazed into the camera. This prompted Cam’ron to post on Instagram.

The caption on the photo reads, “The reason I didn’t go see Creed.”

The first image is a black-and-white portrait of the two men, with Majors embracing Jordan and both of them gazing directly into the camera. In the second picture, the men once again gaze forward while resting their heads on each other.

Cam’ron Slammed Michael B. Jordan And Jonathan Majors
Cam’ron Slammed Michael B. Jordan And Jonathan Majors

The comments on the posts questioned the rapper’s view on masculinity because Jordan and Majors’ friendship was highlighted in the close-knit photoshoot.

Cam’ron may not be interested in watching the movie, but despite missing out, the rapper has remained a devoted sports fan over the years. He most recently launched his own sports talk show, It Is What It Is. 

How Did the Fans React? 

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Obviously, this gave the fans a platform to express their views, which they did in large numbers. One commenter wrote, “Made $262 million at the box office. They good.”

Another said Cam’ron’s post really demonstrated his advanced age and narrow mindset. “Please let’s not promote ‘that’ narrative. Black not love/joy and friendship looks good on Blackman.” 

Another fan pointed out,

“The older you [Cam’ron] get bro, I swear you get childish. That movie came out before these pictures hit the internet so this can’t be the reason you didn’t see the movie. You look like a hater and you reaching for this one.”

Jonathan Majors and Michael B. Jordan
Jonathan Majors and Michael B. Jordan

Another person took a dig in response, “Says the lady in pink,” and he further commented, “You and Jim Jones got pics like this. Tread lightly.” 

In the meantime, Jonathan Majors, in particular, may likely find this post to be somewhat oddly timed. Additionally, he was recently taken into custody by the NYC PD on suspicion of assaulting his girlfriend. However, he was later released after his attorneys successfully argued his innocence.

Creed III was released on 3 March 2023 in the USA.