Chris Brown Stuns Fans with Bold Move: Unveils Massive Skull Tattoo Featuring New Dog Ink

Singer Chris Brown has taken his fans by surprise after debuting his massive new dog tattoo on his skull.
Chris Brown has shocked his fans plenty of times with his tattoo choices – with one being an Air Jordan 1 on his cheek. However, the 31-year-old hitmaker has debuted a new piece of ink, adding to his collection.
The “Go Crazy” singer already has a tattoo on his head of an ancient Greek statue, Venus de Milo. But, the star did not stop there. Instead, he’s added a contrasting piece of new ink.

Chris Brown responds to female critics on Instagram On Sunday (Aug 9) Breezy’s new tattoo circulated on the internet after the Tuff Crowd shared a photo of the singer’s massive dog tattoo. The new tattoo is placed beside the Greek statue.

It is of a barking Doberman showing off his canine teeth. The dog also is tattooed on with one bulging eye, depicting the dog having a shocked reaction. Breezy’s huge dog tattoo starts at his upper skull, going down to the bottom of his neck.

The tattoo is heavily shaded, however does not have colour at this moment in time. The bold tattoo stands out with it’s deep black lines and it’s creative design. The tattoo is allegedly inspired by the logo for a Los Angeles-based streetwear brand named “Tuff Crowd”.

Tattooist GANGA achieved this dog piece on Breezy. GANGA is the same artist who constructed Brown’s Jordan sneaker piece on his cheek. Although Breezy has been getting tatted up and spending time with his kids during quarantine, he has also been working on his tenth studio album Breezy. The artist recently released “Go Crazy” featuring Young Thug as a leading single, to their joint mixtape, which is currently sitting at No. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100. See reactions to Chris Brown’s tattoo below.

The bold tattoo staпds oυt with it’s deep black liпes aпd it’s creative desigп.

Althoυgh Breezy has beeп gettiпg tatted υp aпd speпdiпg time with his kids dυriпg qυaraпtiпe, he has also beeп workiпg oп his teпth stυdio albυm Breezy.

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