Couple Surprised After They Buy A Tiny Kitty, And It Grows To Be The World’s Longest Cat

Say hello to Omar, the Maine coon cat from Melbourne, Australia, who might just be the world’s longest feline. According to his owner Stephy Hirst, Omar measures a whopping 3 feet 11 inches (120 centimeters) from nose to tail, which is longer than the current record-holder, Ludo from the UK, who measures 3 feet 10.59 inches (118.33 centimeters). Despite submitting the measurements to Guinness, the official confirmation is still pending. Interestingly, Omar follows a special diet of raw kangaroo meat, as it’s the only food that he loves to eat.

Australian cat could be world's longest cat - CCTV News - English

Breeders have deliberately selected big cats to be large, which is why they are the longest domestic felines. This selective breeding practice continues, leading to an increase in their size. If you’re curious about the biggest non-domesticated cat, it’s a liger named Hercules, a hybrid of a tigress and a male lion. He resides in a wildlife reserve in South Carolina and measures a whopping 10 feet 11 inches in length, stands four feet 1 inch at the shoulder, and weighs an impressive 922 pounds. Australia is home to many strange and unparalleled creatures, including the late “Fat Pat from Ballarat,” the oldest and possibly largest wombat, who lived outside of Melbourne. At 31 years old, Fat Pat weighed a sizeable 88 pounds.

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