Cozy Log Cabin Deep In The Forest

The Sun Cabin is so charming, it’s tough not to fall in love. The environmentally friendly resort Arctic Retreat is hidden away in the dense boreal forests of Swedish Lapland. The Arctic Retreat, which is situated directly on the Rane River’s banks, is the greatest place in the Arctic to get away from it all.

Floor to ceiling windows on the north side of each of Arctic Retreat’s traditional timber cottages allow you to keep an eye out for the elusive Northern Lights. There is a fireplace in the living area and a separate hot tub in the rear thanks to the open floor plan. Nothing beats relaxing in front of a warm fire in the evening after a day of exploration in the snowy countryside.

Snowmobiling, dogsledding, and cross-country skiing are just a few of the guided activities available in the Arctic, and no matter how active a day you’ve been, you can always look forward to a relaxing soak in your private jacuzzi, a trip to the sauna, and a hearty three-course meal when you get back to your hotel. The Rne River wraps around the cove in the summer, transforming the ice-fishing and skiing spot into a kayaking and fishing paradise as the snow melts. The best fishing, berry harvesting in vibrant woodlands, and the first chance to see the Northern Lights all begin in the autumn, which officially begins in September. The Sun Cabin can comfortably accommodate two persons thanks to its comfortable loft and large double bed. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as linens, a private jacuzzi, and a sauna, are all provided free of charge

You’ll feel like an eco-explorer when you stay with Biostays. The Rainforest Trust is one of their partners. Since the beginning, they have been generous. They have saved the equivalent of 595 football fields, or 788 acres, of rainforest, which will save 78,800 tons of carbon dioxide from being released into the air. By using Biostays for your next trip, you’ll be contributing to the organization’s goal of protecting 1 million square feet of rainforest by the year 2025. When you book an ecotour on their website, you’ll be contributing to environmental protection. The planet will be grateful if you choose them to arrange your next trip.

At least 2 acres of rainforest will be preserved for every reservation made on the Biostays website. About 100 tons of carbon dioxide are taken out of the air by only one acre of rainforest. Seven hundred and fifty-six acres of rainforest have been preserved thanks to biostays, preventing seventy-five thousand metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the sky. By 2025, they want to have preserved 1 million acres. They carefully choose and vet each hotel, property, and holiday experience provider on their site for their commitment to responsible business practices. They’ll only join forces with them if they meet a number of criteria beforehand. Recycling, low water use in housekeeping, short distance from farm to fork in their kitchen, use of solar and renewable energy, etc. are all requirements. Nature activities, cultural and landscape education, and architectural sensitivity to the natural environment are also criteria for inclusion on the Biostays list. They are extremely selective about the hotels, resorts, and eco-friendly experience providers they collaborate with.


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