Deadpool & Wolverine | Final Trailer “Endgame”

Deadpool & Wolverine’s second trailer gives more clues about the main villain, but one theory suggests Marvel could be intentionally misleading viewers. Since audiences saw the back of Emma Corrin’s MCU character in the first Deadpool & Wolverine trailer, speculation arose that Cassandra Nova, Charles Xavier’s evil twin, would be the film’s central antagonist. The second trailer seemed to confirm those theories, featuring more footage of Nova in her comic-accurate costume and a telekinetic battle between her and Wolverine. She is also seen within the Void from Loki, using a hollowed-out Ant-Man skull as her lair. However, plenty of details remain kept secret, as the trailer doesn’t reveal why she’s in the film and how she factors into the story. An intriguing theory suggests that Cassandra may not be the central villain, and it could be another entity the MCU timeline has dealt with before.