Feline Resurfaces After 2 Years Thanks to Microchip: Heartwarming Tale of a Cat’s Unbelievable Survival

Cats are adored not only for their cuteness but also for their independent nature. They have a knack for going on adventures that often worry their owners sick. Owners fear for their feline friends since they cannot protect themselves out there. One of the key reasons why you should microchip your pets is to keep them safe. Even if your furry friend goes on an escapade, you can locate it and be reunited. This is precisely what occurred a few weeks ago when an orange Garfield-lookalike cat named Cat went missing. Cat was gone for almost two years, and his family had given up hope. They were heartbroken, thinking the worst had happened. However, after 536 days, Cat surprisingly came back home.

When Cat was first rescued from a shelter, he was quite timid. He wasn’t fond of playing with other felines and it was evident that he required some socialization. In 2015, his new guardians decided to take him in as part of their “barn cat” plan, but they quickly realized that they couldn’t resist his adorable charm and made him a permanent member of their household.

The beginning of their relationship may have been a bit turbulent, but things started looking up for Cat and his parents. As they showered him with love, Cat’s true character shone through and he reveled in spending time outdoors. Unfortunately, one day he didn’t come back home as expected, causing his parents to fear the worst. Despite their persistent search efforts, hope slowly dwindled after months of searching.

Mindy Criner, the mother of Cat, made numerous posts on various lost and found animal groups on Facebook, but unfortunately, her efforts were in vain. Despite putting up posters on the streets, the orange lovable pet remained missing. With each passing week and month, the family’s hope diminished, and they were devastated that Cat was still nowhere to be seen.

After almost two years, the Criners unexpectedly received a voicemail from animal control on Halloween. The message conveyed that their beloved cat had been found and was safe, all thanks to his microchip. As it turns out, a man in his 60s had been taking care of the orange feline, which came as a surprise to the Criners. The cat had been hit by a car earlier and the man assumed it was a stray, so he fed it for over a year before realizing the existence of microchips. He then contacted the animal shelter, where Cat’s chip was scanned and his rightful owners were finally reunited with him.

The reunion between Cat and his family was a tearful event that made it seem like he hadn’t been missing for a whole year. Upon arrival, Cat dashed to his designated bathroom before proceeding to play with his furry siblings. The Criners strongly believe that their experience will encourage other cat owners to remain hopeful and never give up searching for their beloved pets. Additionally, they urge pet owners to microchip their pets as a precautionary measure.

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