GLADIATOR 2 – First Look Trailer (2024) Pedro Pascal, Denzel Washington

Some new details surrounding Gladiator 2’s character beats and action scenes hint that it might continue a frustrating 25-year Pedro Pascal trend. As the release date for Gladiator 2 is inching closer, new elements surrounding the film’s cast, characters, and story are beginning to emerge. While some of these new developments promise that the Ridley Scott sequel will be as enthralling as the first film (if not more), others spark some minor concerns surrounding the cast and characters of the film. One of these concerns revolves around Pedro Pascal’s role. Although most details about his Gladiator 2 character are still shrouded, reports suggest he will portray a former military commander. A few other details about his character and his potential fate have also been hinted at in Gladiator 2’s trailer, which suggests that the movie is about to continue the Pedro Pascal calling card that nearly everyone is starting to grow sick of.