GLADIATOR 2 – Trailer (2024) Pedro Pascal, Denzel Washington | Paramount Pictures

More news about Gladiator 2 has been released, with the sequel definitely sounding like it will make up for Ridley Scott’s $220 million Napoleon failure. Despite Ridley Scott being one of the most acclaimed filmmakers of all time, the director’s track record isn’t perfect, with Napoleon being a major recent blemish on his fantastic career. The upcoming film Gladiator 2 features a lot of parallels to Napoleon, and while this could be scary after the film’s $220 million failure, Gladiator 2 is already shaping up to be in a much better position than Scott’s most recent film. Gladiator 2 is finally on the way, with the upcoming sequel to the beloved 2000 Ridley Scott movie being one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2024. Although 2000’s Gladiator was a massive success, it has taken over two decades for Ridley Scott to return to the world of Gladiator. Now that Gladiator 2 is happening, however, there are a lot of questions surrounding the film, such as how it will handle the loss of Russell Crowe’s Maximus. However, details regarding Gladiator 2 are finally starting to be released, with the film shaping up to be something incredibly exciting.