Godzilla x Kong 3 : The Final Days | First Trailer (HD)

Godzilla is famously the King of the Monsters in MonsterVerse canon, with Kong being perhaps the only other Titan who can rival that position (though they seem to have come to a peaceful understanding in Godzilla X Kong). Godzilla earned that moniker by fighting and defeating Titans, so it stands to reason that he will keep his title by continuing to fight increasingly deadly Titans that challenge him. However, as revealed in a MonsterVerse tie-in comic, it seems the perfect villain for the next installment of the Godzilla X Kong franchise isn’t a Titan at all. In Godzilla X Kong: The Hunted by Brian Buccellato, Dario Formisani, Drew Johnson, and Zid (prequel to Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire), Godzilla is hunting down one of the Titans fans see him fight in the movie: Titanus Scylla. Godzilla’s part of the story is tracking down this deadly Titan as it consumes nuclear power plants for radioactive sustenance, and ends with the battle in Rome fans can experience in The New Empire. Kong’s story, on the other hand, is one that doesn’t directly tie-in to the movie, but sets up a bold new villain for the next one.