House of the Dragon Season 2 | New Final Trailer | Max

House of the Dragon season 2 could see one character take on a similar role to that of Lady Stoneheart from George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire books. Lady Stoneheart is the resurrected form of Catelyn Stark, found after the Red Wedding and brought back to life by the Brotherhood Without Banners. “Life” is best used loosely, as this version of Catelyn cannot speak, is visibly scarred, and only craves one thing: revenge. Catelyn ought to have appeared in Game of Thrones season 4, based on how it adapted the books, but the show opted against her inclusion. Lady Stoneheart will likely have a bigger role when The Winds of Winter eventually releases, but there could be a replacement of some form found in House of the Dragon season 2. Plenty of the show’s characters have certain similarities to those in Game of Thrones, without being direct copies – Alicent Hightower has shades of Cersei Lannister, Larys Strong is a Littlefinger type character, and so on. So it is that, building on from House of the Dragon season 1’s ending, there’s potential for a version of Catelyn/Stoneheart as well.