‘Is that why they kicked out Henry Cavill?’: Black Adam Producers Pushed DC to Make Dwayne Johnson DCU’s Central Character

There is plenty of movement seen underneath the surface of DC Studios following Henry Cavill’s exit. The infamous “hierarchy of power” that Dwayne Johnson promised to break seemed to work well within its limits.

According to rumors, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson just may be the cause for Henry Cavill’s exit even though James Gunn states otherwise. With a plan to make Black Adam the central character of the DCU, the Jumanji actor may have gotten Cavill sidelined in the process.

Henry Cavill was Superman in the DCEU.Henry Cavill was Superman in the DCEU.Dwayne Johnson Might Have Sidelined Henry Cavill

As the surprises kept on coming for fans of DC Studios, the shocking revelation of Henry Cavill’s departure was quite unexpected. It was only mere months ago that Cavill made a comeback in the form of a cameo in Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam. 

Dwayne Johnson allegedly sidelined Henry Cavill to focus on Black Adam.Dwayne Johnson allegedly sidelined Henry Cavill to focus on Black Adam.

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After roughly two months post the launch, it was publicly declared that Henry Cavill had been removed from the newly made DCU. Although the reason was cited that James Gunn wanted to focus on a young Superman, Dwayne Johnson may have been involved in the actor’s coup d’état. As per VarietyDwayne Johnson directly pitched the idea of having a multiyear plan for Black Adam with chief David Zaslav.

It is alleged that Dwayne Johnson got in everyone’s face and tried to convince them to let Black Adam be the central character of the DCU. The actor proposed that Black Adam and Superman be the new face of the DCU before the untimely departure of Henry Cavill from the franchise. Fans did not take much kindly to the news as they went on to Twitter to test the limits of their free speech… while dissing Dwayne Johnson and Black Adam.

Although the case does not seem to be a winnable one since James Gunn stated that a Superman movie is the current priority. It would not seem appropriate for Black Adam to be the central character since Dwayne Johnson’s character lacks the depth that other potent characters like Superman or Batman showcase. Whether Dwayne Johnson or not, it is reported that the search for a new Superman began as far back as 2018!

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Henry Cavill’s Removal Was Planned From 2018The search for Henry Cavill's Superman replacement is years old!The search for Henry Cavill’s Superman replacement is years old!

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Back in 2018, no one would have imagined James Gunn and Peter Safran taking the position of co-heads of DC Studios in 2022. Back in 2018, it was impossible to imagine a world where Henry Cavill wasn’t Superman in the then DCEU. But a recent report from Varietyhowever, contradicts this opinion.

According to the report, former Warner Bros. head Tobey Emmerich wanted a new Superman since 2018! Although mere rumor, the search for a new Superman and the alleged hatred against Henry Cavill had been prevalent in the DC Studios long before Dwayne Johnson, James Gunn or Peter Safran ever interjected.

Henry Cavill’s final role as Superman can be seen in the form of a cameo in Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam. The movie is available to stream on HBO Max.

Source: Variety

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