Jason Statham, have you ever seen the British actor’s car? It costs like a penthouse

Jason Statham’s car is truly a killer car that costs like an attic: take a look at what the actor drives and you too will be amazed.

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Born in Shirebrook in 1967Jason Statham is one of the actors of action movies most loved and famous in the world. Passionate about both acting and sportsgrew up in London and has cultivated these two interests hand in hand, above all by dedicating himself to soccer and the discipline of dives.

Not everyone knows that he took part in the ranks of the British national team as a diver, but failed to participate in the Olympics. Martial arts lover and in love with Bruce Lee, he has developed his own very personal fighting technique which is often repeated in films.

Sao “Fast & Furious” Jason Statham tậu siêu xe Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Actor almost by accident, actually: discovered by the great Guy Ritchie who hired him to audition in Madmen unleashed before entrusting him with the role of the gypsy in The Snatchalongside Hollywood superstars such as Brad Pitt and Benicio Del Toro.

From there, the professional takeoff with Mercenaries 1 and 2, Shark and the lucky one Fast & Furious. But not only action cinema flows in Statham’s veins: also the passion for engines he pushes hard, as evidenced by the shots in which he is the protagonist and which have gone around the web.

Jason Statham: Look at that jewel the actor rides on

A strong passion for engines, that of the British actor now settled in the USA: a unique love also testified by these shots that portray him together with a stunning jewel. A car so expensive as to be worth as much as a super-luxury penthouse, enough to make most heads spin.

Siêu xe Ferrari F12 Berlinetta của Jason Statham được rao bán lại với giá rẻ

Known are his skills like drivers even if he was postponed to the driving test 3 times, at least so it seems: his way of circulating was too exuberant. Always flanked by his partner, the splendid model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the English actor has long since lost his head to another fatal “woman”. Indeed Statham posted a unique shot on his Instagram that portrays him with a Ferrari F12 on which he respectfully rests his back.

Hers are inevitable and inseparable Rayban which now make it a unique and timeless icon, just as its timeless F12. The pearl of Maranello boasts a rear-wheel drive engine of 6262 cubic cm, 740 HP and maximum speed of 340 km/h. Finally, the price is truly mind-boggling: 274,400 euroslike a luxury penthouse.

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