Jason Statham on fire over martial arts question

Jason Statham is a well-known lover of contact sports and, as such, he could not pass up a controversial question about martial arts that an uninformed journalist posed to him. Check out this awesome episode below!

Jason Statham’s presentation will say that his big screen debut was with ‘The City’, a 1995 British crime drama series . action characters

The billboard that interests us in Clinch, says that, The 55-year-old British actor began training martial arts approximately 20 years ago with Guy Ritchie, a renowned film director, with whom he worked on the film ‘Snatch: Pigs and Diamonds’ (2010). Jason has a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and he especially enjoys this type of martial art because he doesn’t have a lot of face contact – vital in his profession – but he has also practiced Wing Chun, karate and kickboxing.

Knowing his love for martial arts, it is easy to understand this episode: At a press conference for the presentation of ‘El Transportador III’, a film in which Jason Statham gives life to the protagonist, Frank Martin, the journalist and film critic American, Jeffrey Lyons, asked the actor if there should be a minimum age to start training martial arts

“There should be a minimum age to do it, don’t you think? Boys of 13 or 14 years old practicing martial arts, it gives me a little chills frankly” was the specific question.

Statham was quick to come to the defense of the sport, pointing out that any kind of martial art brings peace, and remarking that it is people who have no discipline who “are in the pubs, causing trouble and fighting with people.”

The actor went on to state that if you meet someone who has a certain skill in the world of fighting, be it judo, kickboxing, boxing, jiu-jitsu, or others, it will surely be a very peaceful person, since the only The time you have to fight is in a competitive environment . He definitely put him in his place!

Brief annex: Teaching the mechanics of this type of sports and the values ​​that are instilled is key when it comes to informing or transmitting a message. Mixed martial arts help children understand the power of their mind over the body, introducing them to discipline, energy channeling, self-control, or loyalty . Karate, judo, taekwondo, or any of these sports were mostly created as self-defense disciplines, and today they are practiced by thousands of children around the world as a way to maintain physical and mental condition.

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