Jason Statham welcomes us to 2023 with generous doses of grandeur

New year, new release. Now That We’ve Said Goodbye To 2022, It’s Time To Welcome It film course 2023 It starts with the most interesting propositions to enjoy on the big screen and always includes exciting new guy richieA House Brand Horror Production blumhouse and directorial debut lee jung-jae, almost nothing.

Jason Statham welcomes us to 2023 with generous doses of grandeur, jokes and well-timed slapstick: The best and worst of film releases

Premieres January 4, 2023

‘Operation Fortune: The Great Deception’ (‘Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre’, 2023)

From 'Snatch'. 'Swine And Diamonds' To 'Operation Fortune: The Great Hoax':  All Of Guy Ritchie's Films Ordered From Worst To Best

  • This is Guy Ritchie’s new film, which shows that he is still in top shape after ‘The Gentlemen: The Gentlemen of the Mafia’ and ‘Awaken the Fury’.
  • It is the fifth collaboration between Richie and Jason Statham and the second collaboration between Richie, Statham and Josh Harnett.
  • Its cast includes names like Hugh Grant, Cary Elwes, Max Beesley and, above all, a towering Aubrey Plaza.
  • This is 100% Ritchie house brand film, so whoever agrees with their style, has no room for error.

Criticism in Espinof: ‘Operation Fortune: The Great Hoax’ is pure Guy Ritchie: a hilarious action thriller that shows what a writer can do in his comfort zone

‘M3gan’ (2022)

  • This is the second feature film from Gerard Johnstone, who made his 2014 debut with the stunning horror comedy ‘Housebound’.
  • It stars Allison Williams, who we can see in Jordan Peele’s wonderful ‘Let Me Out’.
  • It is a horror film involving a psycho doll; A rather hackneyed premise, but enriched with an artificial intelligence angle.
  • To create the doll that gives the film its name, a real actress is combined with prosthetics and digital work, and the result is downright badass.

Critique in the espinoff: ‘M3gan’: Between Chucky and GLaDOS, Blumhouse’s film impresses as it blends horror and comedy

‘prey. Casa al Espia’ (‘Hon-Teu’, 2022)

  • It is the directorial debut of veteran South Korean actor Lee Jung-jae, best known for starring in ‘The Squid Game’.
  • The screenplay is being written by Jo Seung-hee, who wrote the screenplay for K-drama ‘Kyungwooi Soo’.
  • It is an action-packed political thriller with a complex conflict between the two Koreas.
  • The cast also includes national stars such as Hyo Sung-tae – ‘The Squid Game’, ‘Sea of ​​Tranquility’ -, Jung Woo-sung – ‘The Good, the Bad and the Wear’ -, Jeong Man -. sik—’A hard day’—or jeon hee-jin—’red alert’—.

Criticism in Espinof: Cannes Festival 2022: The protagonist of ‘The Squid Game’ makes his directorial debut with a brutal and frantic thriller that takes his proposition too far

With all…

‘Living’ (2022)

‘Zoe and Tempest’ (‘Tempet’, 2022)

‘Maria’s Awakening’ (‘Maria Rave’, 2022)

‘Living without a country: Rohingya exile’ (2020)

essential paulo rocha

Re-telecast of feature films from the Portuguese filmmaker ‘Los Verdes Años’, ‘Mudare de Vida’, ‘La Isla de los Amores’, ‘La Isla de Moraes’ and ‘El Rio de Oro’.

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