Kate Middleton’s Strategic Wardrobe Reportedly Avoids ‘Hidden Agendas’ With This Royal Hot Topic

Kate Middleton’s wardrobe is always a hot topic of conversation, not only for the fashionable aspect of the equation, but also for the symbolic messages she sends through what she wears. A great example of this is the Wales family is often seen at major events in coordinating shades of blue, like that did at Easter 2022.

However, Jennifer Von Walderdorff, a fashion expert in the U.K., told GB News there is one topic the Princess of Wales is specifically avoiding when it comes to her style choices: the feud with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. “From my perspective, there is no direct attack on Meghan and Harry, but more so playing by the rules and [she] does that the best,” she explained. So while her wardrobe is “strategic,” royal fans shouldn’t look for hidden symbols referring to the Sussexes because Kate “avoids attacks” of that nature.

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Members of The Royal Family attend the 2022 Christmas concert.

While Von Walderdorff insisted that there are no “direct messages” to Harry and Meghan in Kate’s clothing, some royals critics would beg to differ. In the couples’ Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex noted that she “rarely wore color.” She shared, “There was thought in that. To my understanding, you can’t ever wear the same color as Her Majesty if there’s a group event,” she said. “I wore a lot of muted tones but it also was so I could just blend in. Like I’m not trying to stand out here.” Meghan didn’t want to tip the balance of power by wearing a glamorous green or a bold blue because it might upstage some of the higher-ranking royals.

Shortly after the release of that documentary, Kate and the rest of the royal family seemed to shade Meghan’s fashion protocol claims by all wearing deep burgundy to the annual Christmas concert. Even if the color coordination was pre-planned ahead of the docuseries, it’s hard not to assume that it was a dig at the Duchess of Sussex.

But Von Walderdorff swears that there is no “nefarious hidden agenda” with Kate. “The royals wear looks strategically. It is part of their role to not offend the King, the institution, the country or the company that they’re hosting or being hosted by,” she concluded. “Depending on the occasion or engagement – they will ensure they are in keeping with the environment and remain either neutral or inoffensive.”

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