KING AND I King Charles ‘true’ feelings about Prince Harry revealed – as dad left with ‘sense of exasperation’

KING Charles “true” feelings about Prince Harry have been revealed with the monarch said to have been left with a “sense of exasperation”.

The revelations have been laid bare in royal expert Robert Hardman’s new biography: ‘Charles III: New King, New Court. The Inside Story’.

King Charles III is said to have been left 'exasperated' with Prince Harry
King Charles III is said to have been left ‘exasperated’ with Prince Harry
The revelations came to light in Robert Hardman's new biography
The revelations came to light in Robert Hardman’s new biography

Last month, relations between Charles and Harry were said to be fractured beyond repair amid the fallout of the royal race row.

Hopes of a reconciliation had been raised after Harry called Charles to wish him a happy 75th birthday in November 2023 and sent a video of the King’s US-based grandkids Archie, now four, and Lilibet, two.

But the family rift, years in the making now, appears not to be easing with time.

However, although Charles was left deeply hurt by Harry’s actions he has reportedly learnt to “compartmentalise” domestic trauma, Hardman claims.

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And while the King reportedly feels “exasperated” by Harry, he is too preoccupied with Royal duties to dwell on it, according to a friend.

Of Harry’s relationship with his father, Hardman claims a pal said: “Of course the King is extremely sad about Harry and Meghan but there is a sense of exasperation, that he has done what he can and now he is King, there are many more things to think about.”

The new book, serialised in the Daily Mail – offers a number of illuminating insights into the thoughts and feelings of senior members of the Royal family.

The book claimed The King needed to have “discreet discussions” with William before being expected to “console the whole country”.

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Author Hardman claims one of the new monarch’s first decisions was to sit down with his eldest son hours after Queen Elizabeth passed away.

He wrote that in previous years, Harry would have also been involved with tensions high, so it was decided it was for the best he sat out the conversation.

It claims neither King Charles or William have read Prince Harry’s explosive autobiography Spare, but they’ve been briefed on key points.

Prince William is understood to be “mortified” by Harry’s “casual betrayal” of shared secrets in the explosive memoir.

Harry wrote that William “attacked” him and ripped his necklace after calling Meghan “difficult”.

And in Harry and Meghan’s Netflix documentary series Harry claimed Royal men marry look to marry someone who “would fit the mould”.

Prince William, interpreting him as referring to his wife Kate, slammed the statement as the “lowest of the low”, according to Hardman’s book.

It comes after the late Queen was furious over Meghan and Harry’s claims she had given them her blessing to name their daughter Lilibet, in the explosive new book.

One member of staff has told how the late Monarch was “as angry as I’d ever seen her” when Harry and Meghan said Her Majesty was “supportive” of the choice.

As a toddler, Her Majesty used to pronounce her own name ‘Lilibet’ because she couldn’t say Elizabeth.

It soon became a beloved nickname, used only by close family members including her parents and husband Prince Philip.

A palace source soon claimed the pair never sought permission from the Queen to name their daughter after her.

But Harry, 39, and Meghan, 42, slammed the claim as false and defamatory.

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Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth reportedly protected “weak” Prince Andrew amid fears he would be “more damaging outside the loop”, a royal insider has claimed.

It follows the bombshell unsealing of court papers in the US last week which allege that the Duke of York took part in an underage orgy and appeared in sex tapes — which he strongly denies.

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