Man Of Steel Turns 9: 7 Reasons Why This Was A Perfect Superman Movie

Seeing the iconic character Superman back in full swing on the big screen was incredibly exciting for movie audiences back in 2013. Christopher Nolan’s involvement with Man of Steel rebooted the franchise with a fresh new take on the classic superhero. It offered audiences a look at Clark Kent before he grew into the superhero we all know. Now that it has been nine years since this classic DC film has been released, here’s a list of 7 things why this was a perfect Superman movie –


While fans were familiar with the planet Krypton and its role in Superman’s origins, the same cannot be said for viewers who aren’t necessarily die-hard comic book aficionados. The first sequence to depict this world, therefore, served a valuable and significant purpose in Man of Steel.

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Christopher Nolan’s Man of SteelChristopher Nolan’s Man of Steel

Amy Adams And Henry Cavill

Cavill’s rendition of Clark carried an enormous amount of weight and you can tell he was born to play the role. Adams is very similar to the actress who previously portrayed Lois Lane and she breathes a lot of professionalism into her performance here, instilling a sense of credibility for the character in this film by having Lois confront the inherent sexism in her work.

Henry Cavill and Amy Adams in Man of SteelHenry Cavill and Amy Adams in Man of Steel

The Theme Of Realism

Man of Steel handles the theme of realism by keeping the main character’s core elements unchanged. That’s now the story follows a sense of realism while helping the audience feel a sense of plausibility as well.

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Man of Steel is available to stream on Amazon Prime and Apple TV

Man of Steel is available to stream on Amazon Prime and Apple TV

Significant Villains

Similar to other controversial Superhero characters like Batman, Superman has many critics. He can do anything he wants because of his powers whereas we mere mortals are not free in the same way. But apparently, what makes this film the best Superman film is its villains; including Flora-UI.

Villains in Man of SteelVillains in Man of Steel

The First Flight

In Man of Steel, director Zack Snyder does an excellent job at not showing the audience everything from the get-go. He exercises just the right amount of restraint when it comes to Superman’s flying ability and used that to build up all sorts of anticipation.

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Superman in Man of Steel

Superman in Man of Steel

A Character-Driven Storyline

The film uses a good amount of backstory with the character of Clark Kent to flesh out his struggle, which is key to developing him as an audience surrogate given that he’s an alien who grew up in a different world and was bullied for daring to be unique. It’s believable that he doesn’t quite understand his place until Zod arrives on Earth.

Zack Snyder’s Man of SteelZack Snyder’s Man of Steel

It Gave Birth To Various Discussions

Man of Steel is an engrossing film that is impressive in terms of casting and special effects. This in itself makes it a movie worthy of discussion. It’s one of the few films that are praised for instigating further conversation outside of its story.

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DC’s Man of Steel earned $668 million at the Box OfficeDC’s Man of Steel earned $668 million at the Box Office

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