Meghan Markle ‘rejected big offer’ from Sophie – ‘thought Prince Harry was enough’

When Meghan Markle married into the Royal Family, Sophie of Edinburgh offered to show her the ropes.

Meghan Markle did not feel she needed Duchess Sophie’s help upon joining the Royal Family as she already had Prince Harry, a royal commentator has revealed.

Kinsey Schofield claimed that Meghan “rejected” Sophie’s offer to be a mentor upon her marriage in 2018, with Sophie already having some years of experience as a working royal.

Similarly to Meghan, the Duchess of Edinburgh did not come from an aristocratic background and had her own career before she married Prince Edward in 1999.

Ms Schofield told GB News: “Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh, was very loving towards Meghan and attempted to have a relationship with her.

“The Queen actually suggested that the two get together and that Sophie mentor Meghan and Meghan said I’ve got Harry and she rejected that offer.

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Sophie and Meghan at Royal Ascot 2018 - Day 1

Sophie offered to help Meghan navigate the Royal Family (Image: Getty)

“I would love to be mentored by Sophie if she’s watching between meetings with foreign presidents, I’ll send you my phone number. I think that’s a great opportunity.”

She added: “I think that she was a great role model, and it was a missed opportunity for Meghan to learn how to navigate a difficult situation.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex infamously stepped down as working royals in January 2020, less than two years after their wedding, giving a sensational interview to Oprah Winfrey about their time in the Firm in March 2021.

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Harry and Meghan seated onstage at summit

The Sussexes stepped down as working royals in 2020 (Image: Getty)

Sophie and Edward were the only two senior royals to address the interview publicly, as the Prince told CNN’s Mark Foster that the divide in the family was “very sad”.

He gave an insight into the royal view on the chat, explaining: “Weirdly we’ve all been there before. We’ve all had excessive intrusion and attention in our lives.

“And we’ve all dealt with it in slightly different ways, and we wish them the very best of luck.”

The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh have been at the forefront of royal public duty even more so over the past few months, with King Charles being treated for cancer.

Prince Edward and Duchess Sophie

Edward and Sophie are important senior royals (Image: Getty)

Sophie made headlines this week by being the first member of the Royal Family to visit war-torn Ukraine, at the request of the British Foreign Office.

She paid a visit to President Volodymyr Zelensky and First Lady Olena Zelenska, where she passed on a message to them from King Charles, who has also been back in action this week.

The Duchess has long worked with victims of conflict-related sexual violence, with her work taking her to countries including Kosovo, Sierra Leone and Colombia.