Michael B. Jordan calls out former classmate over claim he’s ‘corny’

Michael B. Jordan teased his former classmate who once described him as “corny” while walking the “Creed 3” red carpet.

The “Black Panther” star had been chatting with Lore’l, the host of “The Morning Hustle Show,” when she brought up the fact the two of them were classmates in Newark, NJ.

“I was the corny kid, right?” he recalled in a clip going viral on TikTok.

“I did not say that! I was misquoted for sure!” she said in an attempt to defend herself, prompting Jordan to stand firm, responding, “I heard it.”

michael b jordan during a red carpet interview
Michael B. Jordan called out a former classmate who once called him “corny.” The Morning Hustle/YouTube
michael b jordan being interviewed on red carpet
The interviewer and “Creed” star were both students in Newark, NJ. The Morning Hustle/YouTube

Jordan, 36, was referring to an interview Lore’l gave on a 2021 episode of the “Undressing Room” in which she admitted she and others used to tease the actor for his name and passion for acting.

“And to be honest with you, we teased him all the damn time because his name was Michael Jordan. Let’s start there, and he was no Michael Jordan,” she said, comparing the “Wire” alum to the famed NBA player.

“I was the corny kid, right?” he mentioned. The Morning Hustle/YouTube

“And he also would come to school with a headshot. We lived in Newark, that’s the hood,” she continued. “We would make fun of him like, ‘What you gonna do with your stupid headshot!?’ And now look at him!”

Although she denied ever referring to the “Creed” star as “corny,” Lore’l attempted to end the interview on a positive note, joking, “Well, you’re not corny anymore.”

michael b jordan
Lore’l made the comments during a 2021 podcast, in which she admitted to making fun of Jordan for his name. Getty Images

Fans quickly came to Jordan’s defense in the comments section, noting how this “bully” must have hurt him in the past.

“You can tell he remembers her in a VERY different light than she saw herself 😳,” commented one TikToker.

“POV: u NEVER forget who bullied you😅🥺,” wrote another.

“Bullies don’t remember how mean they were, the bullied for sure remembers,” wrote another.

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