Seamless hot screen lovers hands of “carriers”

Jason Statham made many female fans’ hearts sob when he paired with many stars.

Li Bingbing is a familiar name on the Asian screen. The pairing with Jason Statham this time shows that investors want to hit the Chinese market strongly. “Super Tyrant Shark” is an action, fiction film that Jason Statham has high expectations.

The beauties playing with Jason are very hot, making fans of the Jason-Rosie couple worried. Thu Ky is the beauty who played with Jason in “The Transporter” part 1. In this movie, all the troubles begin when the item that Jason needs to hand over is a beautiful girl named Lai by Shu Ky. With a budget of $21 million, the first film in the series grossed $43.9 million.

Shu Qi is charming in her own style with a modest bust.

Natalya Rudakova played the kidnapped girl Valentina in season 3 of “The Transporter”. Valentina is the daughter of a high-ranking employee in the Ukrainian government. Season 3 brought in a top box office performance of $109 million.

In Rudakova is a wild beauty and is attracted by its boldness.

Charlize Theron is the beauty who starred with Jason in “The Italian Job” (2003). The film grossed nearly double its production budget.

Charlize Theron created a wall of sexy beauty despite entering middle age.

In “Machine Killer”, Jason Statham accompanies the beautiful Jessica Alba. In the film, Jessica plays Gina, the lover of Bishop (Jason Statham). Gina is suddenly kidnapped by a mysterious criminal gang and asks Bishop to carry out 3 assassinations. Naturally, he embarked on a campaign to rescue his lover.

Jessica Alba belongs to the world’s fiery beauties.

Yayaying Rhatha Phongam is considered the sexy goddess of the Thai entertainment industry. She had a role in this killer movie alongside Jason Statham.

The cold beauty creates a unique charm for Phongam beauty.

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