Sydney Sweeney’s Met Gala look gets her compared to Billie Eilish

Actress Sydney Sweeney has grabbed everyone’s attention after she arrived at the Met Gala in a dramatic blue dress and a striking black bob.

Sydney Sweeney compared to Billie Eilish thanks to new hairstyle at the Met  Gala | indy100

Sweeney was spotted leaving her hotel earlier in the evening, and heading to venue, where some of the biggest names in the world have already walked the red carpet.

Sydney Sweeney looks unrecognizable as she's mistaken for Billie Eilish  with new hair at Met Gala - The Mirror US

Sweeney has grown in fame in recent years after her role as Cassie in the HBO show Euphoria, with her co-star Zendaya acting as co-chair for this years Met Gala. And just like Zendaya, Sweeney is getting a lot of love for this look.

But Sweeney’s look caused her to get mistaken for another previous Met Gala attendee: Billie Eilish. Likely due to Sweeney’s unexpected new hairstyle.

Sydney Sweeney Plus Black Bob Plus Blunt Bangs Was Not on My Met Gala 2024  Bingo Card | Allure

The actress has unintentionally got caught up in the recent ‘wokeness’ culture war, after right-wingers claimed her dress “ended wokeness”. Whether they’ll say the same about this dress, we’ll see, but safe to say the internet is already loving it.