“Thomas we don’t lie at school”: Henry Cavill’s Nephew Got Into Trouble When He Said His Uncle Is Superman, Cavill’s Sister Shouted “Oh no, not again!”

Children connected to famous personalities have the craziest stories to speak out in front of the class. A similar story occurred with Henry Cavill and his nephew Thomas when the latter claimed that his uncle was Superman.

Much to his dismay, the school did not believe him and wanted to speak to Thomas’ mother and Cavill’s sister-in-law. It all turned out hilariously adorable when the family stated that it was true and that Henry Cavill was Thomas’ uncle.

Henry Cavill's Superman stands for hope.Henry Cavill’s Superman stands for hope.When Henry Cavill’s Nephew Found Trouble At School

As much as Henry Cavill loves gaming and cooking, The Witcher actor also loves telling adorable tales on television and in interviews. In one such discussion, the actor recalled the time his nephew Thomas got himself into trouble when he said that his uncle was Superman.

Henry Cavill as Superman in the DCU.Henry Cavill as Superman in the DCU.

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The teachers did not believe the kid for a single second and talked to their mother (Cavill’s sister-in-law) about the issue of his kid lying in front of the entire school. The whole thing blew up when it was proven true that Thomas indeed knows Superman.

“Told kids that his uncle was Superman. And, of course, the teacher that said, ‘Thomas, we don’t lie at school. We don’t do that” Cavill started saying. “‘I appreciate the storytelling but it’s not a good one’”.

The Enola Holmes actor continued how Thomas stayed true to his tale and got himself into trouble for the same.

“Thomas stuck to his guns he said ‘No no no, my uncle is Superman and I swear’ and so she got upset with him and he got in trouble and then my sister-in-law was pulled aside when she was picking him up from school. They just said ‘we don’t encourage our children to tell lies in school’”.

Henry Cavill mimicked the teacher as shouts of laughter were heard in the studio.

“And of course, than she said ‘ [lie] about what exactly? Knowing that Thomas is, he does tell tall tales. She was all in, she was like ‘Oh no, not again!’ and then she went ‘Oh, I hate to tell it to you this…it’s all true’”

It all turned out to be an adorable tale in the end as one such scenario also occurred with Hugh Jackman and his son that used the actor as his wingman by bragging about his Wolverine role.

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Henry Cavill Can No Longer Be Called SupermanHenry Cavill.Henry Cavill.

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Following his exit as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher franchise, Henry Cavill was set to star in the newly formed DCU. After his recently released cameo in the post-credit scene of Black Adam, Cavill promised to prioritize the role of Superman above all else.

It was recently revealed, however, that Henry Cavill had to forcibly part ways from the franchise since they (James Gunn and Peter Safran) wanted to showcase a younger Superman. Being an avid gamer, the Black Adam actor resorted to creating his own franchise based on the game Warhammer 40,000. 

Henry Cavill’s last role as Superman can be seen in Black Adam available to stream on HBO Max.

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