Why do they stop the Albanian actor who looks like Jason Statham on the street for autographs?

Besnik Tafallari is an Albanian actor originally from Prizren, who lives and acts in Germany.

He recently became part of the Albanian comedy genre film “Police for the head”, where he was entrusted with one of the secondary roles of this cinematic project.

More than for his profession, Besniku is known for his striking resemblance to the famous Hollywood actor, Jason Statham, writes Telegrafi.

While he was recently in Pristina for the premiere of the movie “Police for the head”, the Albanian, described as Jason Statham’s sidekick, did not hesitate to tell Telegraph how people still confuse him with the Hollywood actor when they see him on the street or somewhere.

“I was on holiday in Thailand and when they saw me, everyone thought Jason Statham was there. I took pictures and people are satisfied, because most of them don’t have the luck to take pictures with Jason Statham and they take the opportunity to take pictures with him”, said Besnik Tafallari to Telegrafin.

But even though he closely resembles him, Prezrenas says that he has never had the opportunity in his life to meet the Hollywood actor up close.

“No, I haven’t met him yet,” he answered when asked by Telegraf about this issue.

Besnik, otherwise, in “Police for the head” has been entrusted with one of the negative roles, namely that of the bodyguard of the politician involved in drug trafficking.

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