“Wore a red jacket for 10 seasons, still the GOAT”: Fans Hail Smallville, Superman & Lois for Giving us the 2 Best Superman Actors Ever

There have been numerous actors who have donned the mighty cape of DC’s Superman across an array of projects. While Christopher Reeve became the benchmark for the on-screen depiction of the superhero, Henry Cavill, who was Zack Snyder’s choice for Man of Steel, transpired as the fan-favorite Clark Kent in recent years. But let’s not forget two of the most iconic Superman that Warner Bros. introduced to the fandom – Tom Welling and Tyler Hoechlin.

Tyler HoechlinTyler Hoechlin’s Superman

Tom Welling & Tyler Hoechlin: WB/CW’s Most Beloved Supermen

Tom Welling is a name that falls right in line with some of the most legendary portrayals of Superman, along with Reeve and Cavill. The 2001 pilot starring Welling as Superman in the WB series (that later went to CW in 2006) became the network’s then-highest-rated debut, garnering 8.4 million viewers. Developed by Netflix’s Wednesday creators, Alfred Gough, and Miles Millar, Smallville had a glorious run for 10 seasons, with Welling, 46, playing Superman for the entire decade.

Tom WellingTom Welling’s Superman

Welling’s embodiment of Superman was so strikingly real that it brought the character to life on-screen with natural ease. “Tom is very down-to-earth and straightforward, and a lot of that honesty you see in Clark is Tom,” executive producer Kelly Souders said (via TV Line).

“Tom was not somebody who got into this because he wanted to be famous, and that really adds to him being Clark Kent.”

Then there’s Tyler Hoechlin‘s portrayal of the legendary Kryptonian superhero in The CW’s Superman & Lois, who was deemed as perhaps the best Superman of his generation. In fact, Hoechlin’s Clark Kent in the show’s first season was met with such strong reception that fans claimed him to be better than Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent in the DCEU. What’s more, the 35-year-old actor’s co-star, Alex Garfin, in an interview with Looper, claimed Hoechlin was the best Superman the world was bestowed with after Reeve’s. So, it’s safe to say that he nailed the performance. 

Superman Fans Rave About Tom Welling & Tyler Hoechlin’s Clark Kent

Henry Cavill dropped as Superman weeks after announcing return to role |  Warner Bros | The Guardian

Fans absolutely loved Welling’s Clark Kent, so much so that they demanded his return as the Man of Steel in 2006’s Superman Returns. But besides the audience, who was obviously smitten with the actor, even the EP of Smallville believed that he was undoubtedly the perfect casting choice. So, the man definitely did something right. The Teen Wolf star’s characterization of Superman, too, was met with just as much excitement, or even more.

A Twitter user in a post, recalled both the actors and their epic representations of the superhero, lauding their remarkable performance and commendable dedication to the character. And fans seem to be in absolute agreement with it.




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