“Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez, surprise their children with thoughtful gifts, reflecting their close-knit family”

Georgina Rodriguez is splurging on treats and showing off her gifts on social media. Georgina Rodriguez goes shopping
Treat children with luxurious gifts
Show surprise gifts


WHAT HAPPENED?  Cristiano Ronaldo’s family had a pleasant start to the week in Saudi Arabia, with the star’s partner Georgina Rodriguez revealing some luxurious gifts she bought for his family with an Instagram post.  Rodriguez and Ronaldo have two children together and are enjoying life in the Middle East following the player’s departure from Manchester United.

Gifts include two giant toy electric cars, several BarƄie dolls and something from Dior.

THE BIG PICTURE: Ronaldo has never been shy when it comes to showing off his lavish lifestyle.  The Portuguese international was recently spotted with Rodriguez in a £8.8 million ($11 million) Bugatti Centodiec in Madrid.  The former Manchester United player also paid a £250,000 hotel pension before moving to his new home in Saudi Arabia.  Ronaldo’s children also appear to be enjoying life and were seen taking part in wild celebrations after Al-Nassr came from behind to defeat Al-Batin in the Saudi Professional League.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, showed off the gifts she received from the Portuguese star to the children.

She posted a photo of the gifts to her Instagram Story, writing:

“Monday surprise for my 5 suns.”

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez have lived in Saudi Arabia since the move from the Portuguese to Al-Nassr.  Speaking from the capital of Saudi Arabia, Rodriguez recently said (ʋia AS):

“It is a wonderful country.  It’s very safe, very family friendly and they take great care of the women and their children.  People are very attentive and affectionate.  A friend of mine didn’t have water at the hotel and decided to go to the dentist.  A man paid her.  They are very attentive and generous people.” How did Georgina Rodriguez meet Cristiano Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez met in Madrid during the Portuguese star’s time at Real Madrid.

While the consensus notion is that the pair met while Ronaldo was visiting a Gucci store, Rodriguez’s former colleague recently described how they actually met.  He said on his TikTok channel:

“I was working with Georgina Rodríguez at Gucci, about two months before she became a celebrity.  We met several times working in the store;  she was in the women’s section and I was in the men’s section.

He added:

“I had seen Cristiano several times in the store before they met, and the truth is that there are many intrigues that were discussed, said Georgina, when Cristiano met, she entered the Gucci store with some friends and her son, and she it just walked out the door, but that wasn’t the case.”

He continued:

“When Cristiano entered the Gucci store, we all turned to look at him, because he is a super tall guy and only those responsible for the store serve this type of customer.  They didn’t speak to each other, but after a few weeks, they saw each other at a party where they got to know each other a little more.

Ronaldo was on fire during the recent international break, scoring four goals in two Euro 2024 qualifying games for Portugal.

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